Queen Elizabeth Holds Nothing Back When Asked About The Behavior Of Prince George And Princess Charlotte, And Her Words Are Anything But Predictable

Queen Elizabeth takes care of many things on a regular basis. One would think that a Queen, especially at her age, would be living a retired life. Nop. This woman has a series of things to do, a series of duties of Queen if you will.

You must have a number of things on your list of things to do-appointments, meetings, apparitions, etc., but there is one thing you have to do that many of us can relate to. I mean, being a grandmother and a great grandmother.

Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth is a great-grandmother very present for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Recently, the Queen has admitted that when those two adorable children come to visit her, she should watch them closely.

The queen sat down with the famous announcer Sir David Attenborough, where he discussed several things, including some details about his great-grandchildren. It gave ordinary people an understanding of real children.

First of all, it shows us that just because you are of real bloodline does not mean you stop acting like a young man. That means acting naughty from time to time. Okay, maybe much more than once.

While speaking with Attenborough, the Queen spoke about the behavior of George and Charlotte, specifically during the Christmas festivities. So, you wonder what they did exactly? Well, to begin with, they destroyed the Christmas tree!

The Queen said cheerfully, in the interview transmitted by ITV: "Yes, that's always the problem, the children love to remove those decorations, well, my great-grandchildren do, anyway, have fun."

Although these two adorable children cause problems, as children tend to do, she loves them and is glad that they have a good time. Princess Charlotte is now 3 years old and Prince George is 5 years old.

Just seeing how the Queen talks about her great-grandchildren makes us able to relate to her a little more. It also allows parents who have young children to interact with Will and Kate. It is difficult to tame these children at times, especially around bright and shiny trees with massive Christmas decorations.

However, after discussing George and Charlotte, the Queen proposed an easy solution to the problem. She told Attenborough, "It's best to have them decorate it, and they'll be a little more careful." That's a pretty easy solution if you ask me. I mean everyone wins that battle at the end of the day.

This whole interview about children only shows that the Queen has her fair share of experience, being not only a mother, but also a grandmother and great-grandmother. She really is a superwoman with all the things she deals with regularly.

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