Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack review: The perfect choice for movies and music Review

What is the Q Acoustics 3050i movie package?

The Q Acoustics 3050i movie package is a 5.1-speaker package based on the company's latest entry-level 3000i speaker series. The system consists of a pair of 3050i standing speakers for the left and right front, a dedicated 3090Ci center speaker, a pair of 3010i rack speakers for the surroundings and a 3060S subwoofer.

The new range incorporates innovations used for the first time Concept Alta 500 speakers of Q Acoustics, specifically the use of point-to-point braces (P2P) and the pressure equalization of Helmholtz (HPE). The 3000i series also features improved high-frequency, mid-range drivers, along with an updated cabinet design that uses a more robust construction and low-profile poles.

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Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack – Design

Since Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack is composed of several speakers of the company's 3000i series, I will review the design of each individually included model.

Q 3050i

This is a stand-up speaker with a cabinet that has curved edges at the top and bottom. It looks attractive, but hinders the movement of these rather large floor supports, since the fingers tend to slide over the curves.

However, there is no denying that the Q Acoustics 3050i looks more expensive than it really is, and the choice of Arctic White, Carbon Black Finish, Gray Graphite or English Walnut add a touch of class.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

There is a striking chrome frame around the controllers, low profile poles on the back, and black cloth magnetic grilles that fit perfectly in place when covering drivers. The 3050i has a stabilizer socket on the back, which makes the base wider and, therefore, provides greater stability, so it should not tip over. You can choose between feet with spikes or rubber caps, if you do not want to drill holes in the floor.

The 3050i uses a bidirectional bass reflex design, with two 165 mm (6.5 inch) and 22 mm (0.88 inch) tweeters. On the back there are bass ports, with foam plugs included for a little low frequency adjustment. With the rear grid and stabilizer socket connected, each speaker measures 310 x 1020 x 310 mm (WHD) and weighs 17.8 kg. If you want to buy the 3050i separately, a pair will cost £ 649, regardless of the finish you choose.

Q 3010i

The 3010i is used as a surround speaker in the 5.1 package I am reviewing, but it is primarily designed as a shelving / shelf unit. It uses a redesigned cabinet that is slightly taller and 25% deeper than the previous generation, resulting in a revised crossover that improves sensitivity and bass extension.

The 3010i has the same design as the rest of the 3000i Series, with a curved cabinet, a bezel with chrome finish around the controllers and a choice of finishes in white, black, gray or walnut. It uses the same magnetic black cloth grilles and low profile fixing posts, but sits on pre-installed rubber feet.

The 3010i also uses a bidirectional bass reflex design, but with a single 100 mm (4 inch) woofer. a 22 mm (0.88 inch) tweeter and rear bass ports with foam plugs provided for tuning. The speaker measures 150 x 253 x 252 mm (WHD), weighs 4.1 kg and costs £ 199 per pair if you want to buy them separately.

Q 3090Ci

This dedicated center speaker reflects the design used in the rest of the range, and is a bidirectional bass reflex speaker with 100 mm (4 inch) double woofers, a 22 mm tweeter (0 , 88 inches) and a pair of small bass ports on the back with matching foam plugs.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

The 3090Ci rests on preassembled rubber feet and its width is designed to fit the dimensions of most AV receivers or amplifiers, allowing a Easier placement on a rack, shelf or stand. The speaker measures 430 x 152 x 216 mm (WHD), weighs 6 kg and has an individual cost of £ 169.

Q 3060S

This slim active subwoofer uses a 200 mm driver and 150 W of built-in amplification. The 3060S offers a selection of barbs or rubber feet, but can also be mounted on the wall with an optional exclusive stand (Q 60WB).

The controls and connections of the 3060S are in the back, hidden behind a magnetic extraction panel. together with a port oriented downwards for discrete cables. The sub measures 480 x 300 x 150 mm (WHD), weighs 8.5 kg and costs £ 329.

Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack – Features and specifications

The great attraction of the Q Acoustics 3000i series is the inclusion of a series of innovations presented for the first time in the award-winning Concept 500 speakers of the company. As a result, the 3000i series has point-to-point (P2P) bracing, which involves analyzing the specific weak points of the cabinet and bracing instead of simply bracing the corners. This creates a more rigid enclosure. According to Q Acoustics, this approach improves the accuracy of the scenario.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

The 3050i also benefits from another technology used in Concept 500, specifically HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Ecualizer) resonators. This approach is particularly effective on loudspeakers and involves the highest and lowest pressures within the cabinet being analyzed. These different pressures are connected using a resonator (basically a tube), which equals the overall pressure inside the speaker enclosure and improves the bass performance.

Along with these various sonic innovations, Q Acoustics has also improved the construction of the 3000i series that uses a precision cutting cabinet, rather than a simple "bend and paste" approach. The upper and front deflectors also have double thickness, while the trimmings of the terminal panel have been eliminated. This reinforced construction results in greater structural integrity and a more inert speaker enclosure.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

Not only cabinets have been updated; the drivers also had an update. The 3000i series uses a new high frequency driver unit (tweeter) that has been uncoupled from the baffle through a compatible suspension system. As a result, it is isolated from the vibrations caused by the subwoofer, which reduces interference and improves performance.

The medium / bass driver (woofer) has also been adjusted and uses a cone of Aramid fiber and a recently developed low-delay rubber surround. The cone is designed to provide the optimal balance between stiffness and automatic damping, which means it can accelerate without bending and stopping very accurately without unwanted resonances.

Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack – Performance

Over the years, I & # 39; I have had a lot of experience with Q Acoustics speakers, and the company has always impressed with its ability to combine value and performance. It's like discovering the magic formula to create speakers that can offer a level of construction quality and performance far exceeding their price.

So it was not a big surprise to discover that the Q Acoustics 3050i Pack Cinema continues this trend. From the moment I took them out of the box, I could feel the thought and precision in their construction. These speakers look and feel more expensive than they really are, thanks to careful attention to detail.

More importantly, they sound great too. The use of innovations introduced for the first time in the high-end Concept 500 loudspeakers from Q Acoustics has clearly paid off. The solid construction and the point-to-point reinforcements create a cabinet that is more inert, and when combined with the redesigned drivers, the result is an open and very detailed sound.

If you forget the elegant name and only think of them as tubes, the HPE resonators also played their part, equalizing the pressure inside the 3050i speakers and ensuring improved bass performance. The Floorstander bass extension is quite impressive, but so is the smaller 3010i rack speaker. As a result, the system was able to offer a solid bass presence, which was then compatible with the subwoofer.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

The sub 3060S is probably the only weak link in this package. That does not mean it's a bad subwoofer, and its thin nature facilitates the position, but it does not have the deep extension of bass produced by some of the competitors. The only other observation I would make about these speakers is that their dispersion is a bit narrow and focused, so orienting them to the main listening position would be a good idea.

Apart from those small objections, the 3050i package is excellent. The soundtracks of the movies sound incredible, with clear and precise images that fill the sound room. I often use Gravity as a test for 5.1 systems, because the movie has a large directional dialogue and a large direction of effects around the room. Thanks to the shared design of the cabinet and the controllers, this package was able to move those sounds without problems from speaker to speaker.

When it came to a standard 5.1 reference mix, like Dunkerque this Q Acoustics system really came to life. The score was skillfully handled by the 3050i floor participants, maintaining a pleasant sense of musicality, while the 3090Ci center speaker gave a clear and focused dialogue.

The effects were spread across the room with precision and the combination of floor and subwoofer participants resulted in explosions that filled the room and retained a degree of shock impact.

 Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack

However, this system is not just about big, bombastic soundtracks; it is also capable of reproducing more subtle audio effects, such as the environmental sounds of the jungle in Jumanji . The tweeters can handle high frequencies particularly well, never sound shrill to forced, while the midrange is also well represented.

I could also handle the speakers quite loudly using my Arcam AVR850 AV receiver without sounding fragile, although they were just as good at listening to content at lower volumes.

When I went from movies to TV series, the 3050i Cinema Pack continued to impress. The more complex soundtracks of shows like Altered Carbon or The Expanse were delivered with the same precision and verve as movies.

Watching soccer revealed the ability of the system to provide space for crowd noise, keeping the commentary clear and focused, even if it did not agree with what commentators said. The system was also at home with simpler tracks, such as games, documentaries and news, where the mix mainly focused on music and dialogue.

In fact, the inclusion of the 3050i floor stands means that the system is excellent with two-channel music as well, making it ideal for film and music fans. This pair of large speakers offered a neutral and refined performance that managed to combine the tonal precision of the overall system with a true sense of fun.

I also cabled the 3010i bookshelf speakers as the front left and right channels, and mounted on a pair of dedicated stands. These little beauties sounded fantastic for their size.

At the end of my testing period, I came away with the inevitable realization that the Q Acoustics 3000i series is a remarkably complete range of speakers, regardless of whether you are watching movies or listening to music.

Why buy the Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack?

You just will not find a set of speakers that sounds better for the money, making the Q Acoustics 3050i Cinema Pack the ideal choice for movies and music fans. The speakers are incredibly well made, mocking their price, and the inclusion of innovations that were first seen in the Concept 500 only increases its appeal.

The result is a well-designed and carefully designed speaker package that offers an open and detailed sound study. The tonal balance from speaker to speaker is excellent, provides perfect direction of the effects and a global surround experience. The dispersion of the controllers is quite centered, and the submarine could be better, but for the price it is difficult to find an error.

There are a number of excellent 5.1 speaker packages available for a price similar to the 3050i Cinema Pack, which include the XTZ Spirit and the Audio Bronze Series Monitor. None of the packages includes floor models, but they have better subwoofers, which helps balance things. All these speakers are exceptional when it comes to film soundtracks, but the Q Acoustics package has the advantage in terms of overall performance and price.

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Q Acoustics has delivered another excellent set of speakers in the form of the 3050i Cinema Pack. They look great, they sound better and have a competitive price, so they are the perfect choice for fans of movies and music.

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