. It shows you an easily understandable list of what apps you bought is one of the things that the Play Store does not do. You can see a list of all the applications you have installed, but you can only order them by installation date or in alphabetical order. Fortunately, there is a new application available to help solve this problem.

The purchased applications, from the developer Asapha Halifa, offer you the same list but with much more powerful viewing options. Order by price (high to low) and you can easily see all the applications in which you have spent money, and when you touch them you access directly to Play Store so you can reinstall them. This is especially useful for games that you have forgotten despite spending a few dollars.

The application is quite basic in design and uses old-fashioned materials design styles, but it does the job. In the sliding menu, there is a total that shows how much you have spent on applications and games, plus there are categories so you can see particular types of applications. There are also options to change the format of the currency and the date if necessary.

In general, it is a truly ordered application that fulfills its purpose well. You can even export and share your list with others. It shows adds, but they are not too intrusive. Unless you're like Rita and keep all the Play Store receipts you received for easy sorting and searching (yes, neither do I), this application could be really useful.

One thing that is not clear is if the applications are installed during a sale that is shown at the sale price or its current total price, but I've contacted the developer to find out. Try installing it through Play Store or downloading it from APK Mirror.

 Purchased applications (restores your paid applications)
  Purchased applications (restores your paid applications)