Play Store v11.6 reveals rewards program called Play Points, hints at new voting system [APK Teardown]

Things have been quiet for the Play Store during the last few months, but a couple of updates for v11.5 and v11.6 started to be deployed with some interesting clues hidden under the hood. Two new features seem to be in process. The first is a loyalty program called Play Points that works a bit like the reward points on a credit card that can be used for in-app purchases and Google Play credit. The second function is a new voting system where users can play a role in selecting favorites.

New variant of the special permission dialog

The runtime permissions system introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow was excellent for removing the permission requests that were used for the application's installations to appear in the Play Store. However, there are still some permissions that require those dialog boxes, such as that of purchases in the application. It seems that Play Store is doing some A / B tests to move that pop-up dialog to the design style of the lower card. As the screenshots show, there are no functional changes, but this is probably a little more comfortable in higher phones. This is definitely a limited test and there is no particular version that makes this change. – Thanks, Pranjal .


Disclaimer: The disassemblies are based on the evidence found within the apk (Android application package) and are necessarily speculative and are generally based on incomplete information. It is possible that the assumptions made here are erroneous or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it has been officially announced and published.

The features described below are probably not yet live, or can only be live for a small percentage of users. Unless stated otherwise, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are true unless otherwise indicated, and the images are only modified to delete personal information.

Loyalty program called Play Points

Google is working on a Play Store loyalty program for the Play Store. With the v11.5 update, tons of text and new designs were added that reveal some of the relevant details about the system.

To begin with, the game points are described as profit points in everything you buy and can be used. as currency for special items in the application or Google Play credit. It is interesting that a distinction is made about how the points can be used. I mean that Google intends to encourage customers to use their points in IAP offers for a limited time or offer a general discount for using points in IAP instead of converting them into Google Play credit where they can be used more freely throughout the store. After all, the total cost of licenses and bandwidth in products such as movies and television shows is higher than with applications, games and especially IAP.

< string name = " loyalty_signup_interstitial_title " > Presenting Google Play Points </ string ]>
< string name = " loyalty_signup_interstitial_body " > Earn points on everything you buy . Use points for special items in the application or Google Play credit. </

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