In general, you can get a good idea of ​​what the next OnePlus phone will be like by controlling the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo. The two firms share the same parent company and many design resources. The R15 was a bell for the OnePlus 6, and the R11S was basically the OnePlus 5T. The new R17 may be the basis on which OnePlus builds the 6T yet to be announced, and that could be cause for excitement. This phone has a small screen notch, thin bevels and a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

Most of the screen notches we've seen so far are pretty hard to ignore. They take a significant portion of the screen, and some make the status bars unnecessarily high. Even the OnePlus 6, which makes the notch surprisingly well between Android phones, is eaten on its real estate screen. The R17 has a small "dip" in the bezel that leaves room for the front camera. It is really quite subtle. The bevel looks symmetrical around the top and sides, but the bottom is still a little larger. It has approximately the same chin as the OnePlus 6 / R15.

The R17's screen measures 6.4 inches and has a resolution of 2280 x 1080. The fingerprint sensor is integrated into this panel near the bottom. There is 8 GB of RAM inside together with 128 GB of storage. It works with the new Snapdragon 670 chip, which is a mid-range design. That's common for the Oppo R series, but OnePlus always updates the internal parts to work with the latest Snapdragon SoC. The R17 has a 3,500mAh battery with fast VOOC charge, too.

If OnePlus takes this phone and turns it into 6T, we should listen to it in the next few months. Hopefully the notch is as small in real life as it is in the render. I could really put Google in shape with that giant Pixel 3 XL slot.