OnePlus 6's first Open Beta brings Android 9 Pie and other features

What a way to celebrate Labor Day. The first Open Beta for OnePlus 6 is now available! Notably, this update takes the phone to Android 9 Pie and, along with all the changes in the latest version of the operating system, adds some new features as well. This being the initial release, there are some errors that are expected, but first let's look at the change log.

  • Update the system to Android 9.0 Pie
    • Completely new user interface for Android P
    • New Android P navigation gesture
    • Other new features and system improvements
  • OnePlus built-in customization features
    • Custom accent color support
    • New Do Not Disturb mode with adjustable settings
    • New game mode 3.0
      • Added text notification mode
      • Notification added for third party calls

So, that's pretty easy to explain. The Foot update is quite important, even if you were running the Developer Previews previously. First you will notice the big changes in the user interface, including the icons in the status bar, the notification tone and quick settings, the Settings menus, etc. Hell, even the volume slider is on the left side of the screen, since the rocker is also on the left side of the phone. That's a little attention to detail.

For gestures, you can choose between the navigation bar, OnePlus and the foot stock implementation. Unfortunately, the slip in the fingerprint sensor is still missing to lower the shadow notification option, but when searching for "fingerprint" in Settings, the "Fingerprint gesture" option appears in Buttons and Gestures -> Quick gestures menu, but it does not appear in that section. And neither has the screen always turned on.

Other notable additions include the Gaming Mode 3.0 (which we saw in the last Open Betas for the OP5 / OP5T), some additional settings to adjust the DND, and the much-loved customization of the accent color.

Now, there are some warnings here. First of all, going to the Open Beta route is not without risks, especially since you can not return to stability without data deletion. You can also expect other oddities and maybe a little battery life. In my experience, the Open Betas start in an inconsistent way, but they improve significantly in the following versions.

There are also some documented problems that OnePlus notices, so here you have:

Known issues

  • Some applications may not work as expected when running in this beta version
  • Google Pay service does not work
  • Google Play Store may show "The device is not certified by Google"

To start, Download the file from the second source link below and move it to the root of your phone's storage. From there, go to Settings -> System updates -> Touch the gear in the upper right corner -> Local update -> Select the file you just downloaded. Your phone will treat you as an OTA, installing it and asking you to restart to finish. Keep in mind that Open Beta 1 has 1.6 GB, so it may take a few minutes. This same process applies if you are still in the preview of the Pie developer.

Again, the installation of Open Beta means that, to return to the stable version, you will lose all your personal data. If you are ready to take the step, you can take the file from the second link from the source below.

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