OnePlus 6 Open Beta 3 brings new Assistant launch method, Switch improvements, and more

OnePlus is releasing Open Beta updates for its latest flagship quickly. The phone is already in its third version (we skipped the last one because it was pretty boring), this time with more improvements in general, in addition to some new features. OnePlus Switch is receiving some refinements, Parallel Apps is expanding to include more options, and there is even an option to start the Assistant (or another voice assistant) by holding down the power button for half a second.

Go ahead and review what Open Beta 3 Offers (copied directly from OnePlus without modifications):


  • Fixed stability issues with environmental screen
  • Improved stability for facial unlocking and scanner fingerprints
  • Added support to start the google assistant or other third-party applications assistant by pressing the power button for 0.5 seconds

Parallel applications

  • Added support for more applications (Telegram, Discord, IMO, Uber , WAVE) Parallel APPS

OnePlus Switch v2.1.0

  • Manual connection method was added if you can not connect the switch with QR code on the previous device
  • Backup and recovery compatible with application data , including home screen, lock screen and application design
  • Bug fixes and support for more Android models

Hast At the moment, my biggest complaint with the OnePlus 6 has been that I consider the fingerprint sensor to be less reliable than the 5T's. He often has trouble recognizing any of my registered fingers, almost as if he is reading too fast. So far, I do not see any improvement in this update, it fails so often that it turns the screen on, which activates the Facial Unlocking, so I do not know why I even bothered.

The really interesting piece here is the alternative method to start the Wizard. Regarding gesture navigation, the implementation of OnePlus is one of the best, certainly better than Google's. The only problem is that there is no way to open the Wizard, especially when you do not want to say "Ok Google" to your phone. This Open Beta offers a solution: press and hold the power button for half a second, hold it down for three seconds to bring up the power menu. It works pretty well, but it will have the assistant up and listening if it is just trying to restart, but it will disappear as soon as the menu appears. To get there, just open Settings and go to Buttons and gestures.

Although I do not use Parallel Apps personally, I see why someone could do it. Now includes some more applications, such as Telegram and Discord, if necessary. And if you are a OnePlus Switch user, then you can now activate a manual connection with your previous device if the QR code method does not work. You can also back up your home screen, lock screen and application layouts, plus it now works with additional Android phones.

Finally, OnePlus notes that there are still a couple of known issues, which are explained here:

Known issues [19659004] Some applications may not work as expected when running this beta

  • The Google service Pay does not work
  • The update has already reached my phone, but you can always check Oxygen Updater if you want to do it manually since OnePlus has not yet updated the downloads page.

      Oxygen Updater
      Oxygen Updater

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