Nintendo and Microsoft team up to promote cross-play, while Sony remains silent

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is getting a big update today, bringing the Bedrock Engine to the Nintendo handheld console. The update allows cross-play with PC, Xbox One and smartphones, but not with the PlayStation 4. Sony is blocking the cross game for Fortnite Rocket League and Minecraft for that PS4 players can not play against the owners of Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Nintendo and Microsoft are partnering to use cross-play as a marketing weapon today.

The trailer of Minecraft cross-play specifically focuses on the possibility that Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can play together. It also includes the rare vision of an Xbox One controller in a Switch commercial. If that's not enough, the ad even encourages players to create, explore and survive together in Minecraft on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

It is clear that Nintendo and Microsoft have signed a marketing agreement to highlight cross-play for Minecraft a game that Microsoft publishes on its own. It is unusual to see such an association between console rivals, and once again leaves Sony as the stranger who refuses to allow cross-play between consoles and remain silent.

Fortnite fans are still not happy that Sony is effectively holding its accounts hostage in its cross-play block, and the company has only issued a weak response to the controversy. It is clear that Microsoft and Nintendo see the advantages of the cross game and are more than happy to use it as a marketing lever.

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