Nikon is teasing its full-frame mirrorless camera with a series of cool videos

The most exciting ads in the world of photography in recent years have presented one of two things: mirrorless designs that make the camera smaller and lighter than it would be, or a full-frame sensor to produce the best possible images. And the funniest cameras have been, of course, those that combine the two, like Hasselblad's X1D or Sony A7 III. Nikon has been aware of this trend, which has led the venerable Japanese company to jump into the fray with its own full-frame mirrorless camera to be announced on August 23.

The website for this upcoming release is constantly being populated with a set of well-produced video claims. So far, we have the previous one, which channels a bit of Interstellar into its soundtrack and grandiosity, and the next, which promises that Nikon's new goal is a "response to the challenges of the future". "Obviously, with a new mount and a new system, Nikon also promises new Nikkor lenses designed specifically for this full-frame mirrorless camera, however, details of them have not yet been revealed.

Watch for the website. Nikon for four other teaser videos during the next 18 days, however, if you want to get an idea of ​​the size and shape of the new camera, which are shown in general terms in the first video, there are already people who have created physical models for help him understand, as indicated. Nikon rumors :

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