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Clash of Clans has started to organize frequent events in the game where you can easily get a lot of additional resources, XP and gems.

On this page, I will show you everything about current and future events and help you to take advantage of these events . Some of them only offer XP and gems, but you can get much more with troops with discount and the correct strategy and often enough get some magical items like books .

You can always see the current event, in the game, in the Clash of Clans news center:

Professional Tip You can WIN many resources without even participating in the events. Simply queue the troop that is in discount before the end of the event and then eliminate them once the event ends. You will get the total price reimbursed and only 10% of the investment.

Normally during the event, the troops of specific events are discounted by 90% – In the previous case, you can train (as TH11) 8 Golems for 424 Dark Elixir shortly before the end of the event. Once the event is over, you can unearth it from the tail of your army for the full 4,200 dark Elixir rebate: which is 3,800 Dark Elixir to do nothing than pressing a button 19

Attention! This only works when you are in queue and not in your Army Camp, so pay attention to unravel them in time! 19659009] winning the dark elixir of events "width =" 662 "height =" 322 "data-expand =" 1 "data-src =" 05 / earn-from-events-1024×498.jpg "data-srcset ="×498.jpg 1024w, https: //×146.jpg 300w, -from-events-768×373.jpg 768w,×177.jpg 364w, /wp-content/uploads/2017/05/earn-from-events-758×368.jpg 758w,×296. jpg 608w,×560.jpg 1152w, 2017/05 / earn-from-events-99×48.jpg 99w,×96.jpg 198w "/> [19659009] ACTUALI ZA NEWS, RUMORS AND MORE!

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