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Description Newton and The Apple Tree:

The main character Syuji Asanaga as he finds his missing father reveals a magical world completely hidden. Syuji Asanaga enters the realm of magic and the hidden portal to a magical world. In addition, in the download of Newton And The Apple Tree, players can even watch short films about the legendary Japanese novels. Syuji Asanaga enters the hidden magic world through the portal and finds creatures of great intelligence. The hidden world is the home of the elves, who are one of the best intelligent creatures in the universe. In addition, the elves ask Syuji for help to defeat a dark elf known as Elrond. However, Syuji has a hesitant time to help the helpless elves or continue their journey to the dead lands. Unlike Dustwind, the free download of Newton And The Apple Tree presents completely realistic visuals and avoids action or violence.

Sir Issac Newton is an important figure in the game, as players will have to frequently ask for clues and help solve riddles and quest. Syuji thought of herself as an ordinary girl, but then discovered that she possesses powers that others only imagine. Slowly and gradually, Syuji in Newton and The Apple Tree free download improves his abilities to use his hidden powers. But, unfortunately, Syuji soon discovers her father's death, which leads her to become stronger and more powerful. In conclusion, in a few words, the free download of Newton And The Apple Tree is an exceptional magical video game with impressive visual graphics.

Newton And The Apple Tree free download:

  • Multiplayer playable characters
  • Multiple dynamic endings [19659008] And much more you can discover


System requirements

1: : Operating system :: Windows 7 or lower
2 :: Processor: Intel Dual Core / AMD Equivalent
3 :: Ram :: 1 GB of RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0c
5 :: Graphics :: Any graphics card can work
6 :: Storage space :: 5 GB of space

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4 :: Have Fun


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