New iPad Pros will output 4K HDR video over USB-C port, says report

Apple's next update to the iPad Pro line has already been leaked enough, and a new report on 9to5Mac by well-known code tracker and developer Guilherme Rambo revealed more information. The iPad Pros will have a USB-C port, according to Rambo, and will be able to output HDR 4K video to compatible external displays. There is no word on any other specific functionality, nor will the Lightning port be retained.

Rambo also confirms that Face ID will replace Touch ID, but unlike iPhones, it will be possible to use the system in both vertical and horizontal modes, and there will not be a notch for the depth camera for facial scanning. Elsewhere, the report says that a new version of the Apple Pencil with a pairing based on proximity to the AirPods style is on the way, while there will be a redesigned magnetic connector for accessories like the Smart Keyboard located on the back of the iPad. [19659003] At this point, an official revelation of the iPad can not be too far away. The most important question is whether Apple will decide to hold an event in October of this year, as it does in semi-repayable form. Almost all of Mac's lineup is also delayed in an update, so the company could have a lot to announce.

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