New G Suite features announced: Gmail Smart Compose, Hangouts Chat Smart Reply, Docs grammar suggestions, and more

Google has just revealed a number of new features for customers who use G Suite to organize their businesses. The extensions cover areas such as security and productivity in products such as Drive, Gmail and Hangouts.

Some of the improvements are immediately available to members of the G Suite Enterprise Early Adoption Program (EAP), while some of them will not be extended to anyone until later in the year. Let's take a look at everything Google has announced.


The G Suite Security Center was introduced earlier this year and is now getting a new research tool "that adds integrated solutions to prevention and detection capabilities." It will give administrators the ability to further analyze possible infractions and clean emails or files in case of an infection. The first users can try the tool at this time.

Data Regions

So far, G Suite customer data has been stored in centers around the world, making it easier and faster to access. This is important for many multinational companies, but it could also be problematic for those with specific data control requirements. For this reason, Google offers business owners the option to store the main data of their G Suite applications. There are three options: globally, in the USA. UU Or in Europe. The data regions are already active for G Suite Business and Enterprise customers at no additional cost.

Gmail and Hangouts

The features that will also affect non-G Suite customers are probably of most interest to us here in AP. Smart Compose in Gmail has already been launched as an experimental function for the masses along with the redesign of the web application. What will be available to G Suite users "in the coming weeks" suggests that you are ready to get rid of that "experimental" label and graduate in a full feature.

In a similar line, AI has been used for intelligent answers in Google products, such as Inbox and Gmail. The answer application even works to bring smart answers to notifications from several other applications on Android. Now, the same functionality is coming to Hangouts chat (which is essentially Google's Slack competitor). Save valuable seconds during the day without having to write short answers to your colleagues, which will also be available "in the coming weeks".

Hangouts Meet, the video-based Chat Brother, will also get some new knowledge with voice commands in sight to select hardware later in the year.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Continuing the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtheme, the grammar suggestions in Google Docs are now available to the first users. Google is using an approach based on machine learning translation to offer a service similar to Grammarly (which, by the way, does not work in Google Docs). It is something that will develop and improve over time, so it will be interesting to see if it can become really useful.

In a separate publication, it has been announced that Google Sheets is getting some new integrations to facilitate data analysis. First, BigQuery data can be accessed dynamically in Sheets through a new beta program. Second, companies that work with SAP ERP can now directly import data into Sheets for later analysis, no more manually exporting to CSV.

The general objective of these new functions is to make G Suite more simple and easy to use, and that is something that Google will continue looking towards the future. To read more about these changes and others, see the blog post at the source link below.

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