'Navigation for Google Maps Go' fixes one of Android Go's biggest problems [APK Download]

The biggest omission present in Google Maps Go (and, in part, Android Go) was the lack of adequate navigation support. If you tried to use the application to obtain step-by-step instructions, you were not lucky, since you would only be redirected to a Google Maps application with more functions, which would be a great disadvantage for a "maps" application. , In my opinion. Well, Maps Go still can not do navigation but Google has considered it opportune to break that functionality in another application: Navigation for Google Maps Go.

Unfortunately, we could not examine the performance of Navigation for Google Maps Go on a real Android Go device. I spent a good ten minutes trying to install the application on my Alcatel 1X, and I gave up when it was not over after all that time. (When I finally finish installing, if I notice any difference in behavior compared to Maps Go on a phone that is not Go, I will update our coverage.) For more information about my adventures in the jank related to Android Go, do not hesitate consult that time I spent a month using it.

Maps Go would previously guide you to the full Google Maps application (left), but now points to it in the new Navigation application for Google Maps Go (right).

The application just appeared in the Play Store, and with only 12.15MB in size, it certainly fits into the goal of Android Go and in saving data. Now, if you activate Maps Go and ask for directions, instead of directing you to use the full version of Google Maps as you used to, you will place it in the Play Store list for Navigation for Google Maps Go (or simply place it in the application, if installed).

The long title application – which could only ever have been named by the same group that bought you Android Go (Oreo Edition) – would be familiar to those using the Google Maps navigation mode . In fact, it looks basically identical, and that's excellent. I have not had the opportunity to pile up in my car to try it, but after a quick walk, it seems to behave almost identically as well.

You can now get the same angle view and the same step-by-step navigation provided by the full version of Maps in your navigation mode. Performance is fast, even in mediocre hardware, with no lag or missing frames. It can also show traffic, if you enable the option. Like the full version, you are a small arrow following a blue path at an angle behind you on the map.

What witch is which? Full navigation of Maps (left) and Navigation for Google Maps Go (right).

By far, one of the biggest problems I encountered when using Android Go full time was the lack of navigation support in the Maps Go application. Browsing is a fundamental feature for a phone in 2018, period. I do not drive much, but when I do, I drive in Boston . Not having a good interface to navigate and forcing me to use the complete Maps application, which is very difficult in Go level hardware, was a much greater distraction in the already dangerously confusing streets of the city.

Based on what I can say, Navigation for Google Maps Go solves one of my most vocal complaints about the Android Go software theme. Stakeholders can deploy the application and test it themselves even on hardware other than Go. All you need to do is install Google Maps Go (also available in APK Mirror) and then install the new navigation application (also available in APK Mirror).

  Navigation for Google Maps Go
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