Miss Costa Rica Disses Steve Harvey On Stage For His 2015 Blunder – Check It Out Here

Everyone remembers when Steve Harvey presented the wrong Miss Universe in 2015, despite having read the reference card and the name of the winner written inside. It could be said that he became the meme of the year when Steve incorrectly handed the title to the wrong girl.

And according to BET.com, the participants of this year's competition have not forgotten what they did. Miss Costa Rica, after accepting the award, made a joke about Steve's famous mistake in 2015.

Radar Online reported that in the Miss Universe 2018 contest on Sunday night, Harvey and Miss Costa Rica, Natalia Carvajal, They remembered his famous mistake. Fortunately, it has not been compromised since then.

When Harvey announced that he had won, he asked for future advice considering that they work in the same place, and Mrs. Carvajal told her: "If you ever get something like that, very, very important about, try to read it carefully, okay?"

After his shots at Harvey, the crowd roared with laughter. The host took everything in stride, rhetorically asking the audience, "Did everyone think it was funny?"

In 2015, Steve Harvey gave the crown to Miss Colombia, instead of Miss Phillippines, the legitimate winner. Miss Colombia seemed completely devastated when the other women removed the crown and gave it to Miss Philippines.

You can check the tweet below to revisit the moment:

Harvey, in an attempt to rectify the situation, showed the camera the real winner of the contest. From the look on his face, it became clear that he was incredibly embarrassed.

On Twitter, Steve Harvey Show student apologized once again to Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia for their mistake. Unfortunately for him, the people on Twitter were much less forgiving, and many took the opportunity to eviscerate the television presenter.


Despite what many of his most obnoxious critics would have wished, Harvey has continued to be the host. Annual contest every year. Created by the Miss Universe Organization, approximately 500,000,000 people see it annually in 190 different countries around the world.


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