Microsoft officially finalises $7.5bn GitHub deal

Microsoft's $ 7.5 billion acquisition of developer platform GitHub has received regulatory approvals and is now official

European Union (EU) regulatory authorities recently approved the acquisitions that were announced in June. Nat Friedman, CEO of Xamarin at that time, became GitHub's new CEO and CEO Chris Wanstrath will be a Microsoft Technical Fellow, Microsoft said.

Responses from developers when the first acquisitions were announced in June. Some have praised Microsoft's changes since Satya Nadella became CEO in 2014 and suggested offering a good home for GitHub. Others, however, are still wary of technology giants and, when the acquisition is complete, considered getting out of GitHub.

  • The Microsoft Web site highlighted GitHub's latest Web development tools.

Keep your platform and language independent of your company. This is very similar to a company that has acquired a job network site called LinkedIn, which is owned almost independently by Microsoft.

Acquisition Reason

When Microsoft announced plans to acquire GitHub, Nat Friedman (19659002) said, "We will buy GitHub because we buy GitHub instead of buying GitHub to convert GitHub to Microsoft. It's about the importance and unique role of GitHub in the developer community. Our goal is to help GitHub become a GitHub better, and above all to make Microsoft a bit more like GitHub. "

Using GitHub I will cut my paper cutting project twice, focusing on my day-to-day experience. "In a blog post announcing the completion of the acquisition, Friedman said," Search, reminders, issues / projects and mobile experiences. "

Via ZDNet

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