Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub

It is reported that Microsoft acquired GitHub and could announce the agreement on Monday. Bloomberg reports that the software giant has agreed to acquire GitHub, and that the company chose Microsoft in part from its CEO Satya Nadella. Business Insider reported for the first time that Microsoft had been in talks with GitHub recently.

GitHub is an extensive repository of code that has become popular among developers and companies that host their projects, documentation and code. Apple, Amazon, Google and many other large technology companies use GitHub. Microsoft is the main contributor to the site and has more than 1,000 employees who actively send code to repositories on GitHub. Microsoft even hosts its own original source code for Windows File Manager on GitHub. The service was last valued at $ 2 billion in 2015, but it is not clear exactly how much Microsoft has paid to acquire GitHub.

Microsoft has been investing rapidly in open source technology since Satya Nadella took over as CEO. Microsoft has open source PowerShell, Visual Studio code and Microsoft Edge JavaScript engine. Microsoft also partnered with Canonical to take Ubuntu to Windows 10 and acquired Xamarin to help with the development of mobile applications.

Microsoft is also using the Git open source version control system for Windows development, and the company even brought SQL Server to Linux. Microsoft's Visual Studio Code, which allows developers to create and debug web and cloud applications, has become increasingly popular among developers. The acquisition of Microsoft's GitHub will likely mean that we will begin to see an even closer integration between Microsoft's development tools and the service. In Build last month, Microsoft continued to work closely with GitHub by integrating the service into the App Center of the developer company.

Questions about Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub are likely to arise, especially among some open source advocates who distrust Microsoft's participation. If Microsoft announces this acquisition on Monday, developers will not have to wait too long to get a better idea of ​​Microsoft's GitHub plans.

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