Microsoft has killed Minecraft for Apple TV

Microsoft no longer supports the Apple TV version of Minecraft . The application has been removed from the App Store and a message in the game indicates that it will not receive further updates, although it will still be playable. Refunds will be issued for any purchase made up to 90 days before the announcement takes effect. And it really went into effect on September 24, making it even more an allegation of the state of Apple TV games that nobody really noticed until this week.

Minecraft is one of the largest games in history and has managed to find an audience on virtually all consoles, phones and computers, including the iPhone, from which the Apple TV version was derived. But Apple TV has been hampered as a gaming platform since Apple failed the launch by unexpectedly demanding that developers admit the Siri Remote. The company backed down the following year, but the damage was already done.

Apple has not completely surrendered in Apple TV games. The opening note of last year's iPhone Sky the next game of Journey and Flower studio Thatgamecompany, was shown for the first time on the Apple TV 4K. But even that game remains to be seen, and it is clear that Apple's focus is elsewhere.

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