Michael Strahan Helps Papoose Gets The Perfect Push Present For Remy Ma As She Makes Her First Post-Baby Appearance In New Video

Days after giving birth, Remy Ma is in the snow to choose the expensive gift that Papoose gave her and Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan helped.

on Monday night, Papoose jumped happily on social media where Remy Ma is seen in a fur coat that goes outside to receive his $ 100,000 gift that is a Cadillac Escalade Platinum 2019.

The rapper He explained that during his appearance at GMA last month Strahan suggested the luxury car.

The proud father thanked the GMA co-host and went to praise his wife and all that she is doing for her baby.

He wrote: "@ michaelstrahan I have that thrust present my brother !! Thanks for the great suggestion.The queen definitely deserves it.She has been breastfeeding our baby, all day long."  ] ??   ?? #thegoldenchild is HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also happy wedding anniversary my love, many more !!!!!!!! Thank you for give me #thegoldenchild #blacklove 2019 Escalade Platinum !!!!!!!!! @gmaday @sarahaines  ?? . "

One fan replied:" I watched the show when they were on the show. give much hope! I love you and congratulations  ? baby born on my birthday! Congratulations for the golden child, but what is your name and the photos of it please  ? ".

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@michaelstrahan I have that thrust, present to my brother !!  ?? Thanks for the great suggestion. The queen definitely deserves it. She has been breastfeeding our baby, all day.  ??   ?? #thegoldenchild is HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also happy wedding anniversary my love, many more !!!!!!!! Thanks for giving me #thegoldenchild #blacklove 2019 Escalade Platinum !!!!!!!!! @gmaday @sarahaines  ??

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Another commenter wrote: "Congratulations guys, I'm very happy for you, welcome, golden child, you're a lucky princess to have those parents, happy anniversary, guys, we can tell Santa there is a mother 33 teenagers in Houston, Tx who need a Papoose or Russell Wilson @remyma and @ciara, what's the sentence, yes, I mean these cards. "

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Second verse  19   ?   ?   ?   ? Papoose feat @remyma & @angelicavila #thegoldenchild produced by @suitstm @djklaylay available on all digital platforms now or just click on the link in my Biography !! Peace to @ hot97 @djenuff for taking over # newat2 today  ? Peace to my brother @fatjoe @parksmusic & @thakidshadow for the incredible work of art !! #blacklove #thegoldenchild this song is out of my project dropping peace on November 23 to @Ghazi #empire #honorablerecords  ?   ?   ?   ? Thanks for making our #meetthemackies television show is a success !!! If you want to see more episodes @ vh1 @monascottyoung right now !!! #blacklove #thegoldenchild  ?

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One woman said: "I wonder how your other children feel about referring to this child as" the golden child "more power to them, but it is a disaster, every pregnancy is different, my cousin She was up and walking around the hospital 3 hours after giving birth, he understands how much work is needed to breastfeed these babies. "

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After overcoming such a hard job / delivery! My wife breastfeeds our son, all day. I am so surprised by her strength, courage and motherly touch. @remyma Thank you baby! All this is a dream come true! #thegoldenchild Daddy got you forever  ??   ?? You are the definition of beauty.

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This sympathizer said: "Omgggg my dear husband, if you are reading this, I deserve something new after giving birth  ?   ?   ?   ? My husband It is better to love me as he loves her or I kill him, as simple as that … When you have a good man / woman in your life, hold on to them: Black Love / Any Love Ordinary Love ".

Remy and Papoose go to other places.

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