'Maybe I Didn't Get Her So Much': President Trump On First Lady's Birthday

Presidents, they are like us! President Donald Trump shamefully admitted that he was too busy working for his wife, First Lady Melania, to have something special for her 48th birthday.

When asked during an interview with Fox and his friends what the first lady had given him special day, he replied "Well, it's better not to get into that because I can get in trouble". Maybe I did not catch her so much. "Trump reasoned that he is a very busy man, who runs a country and everything, but he managed to get his 13-year-old wife" a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers, "he said.

Wanting to further verify the appreciation of his wife's birthday, Trump also pointed out that he decided to have the interview with Fox and Friends in honor of him. "I chose a very, very special day because it is Melania's birthday" Trump said "So happy birthday to Melania"

Leaving aside his birthday, Trump also congratulated his wife for his work in planning the first state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, including an extravagant dinner in the White House. "She did a fantastic job with France," he added in the interview.

The public and the press can not help but laugh at the embarrassing admission. The Huffington Post suggested that he should He was too busy tweeting in Kanye West to get a birthday present for Melania. Some Twitter users claimed that Trump's "gifts" were equivalent to obtaining cleaning products for his wife.

With still other recent video making online rounds of Trump struggling to get Melania to take his hand, the tension between the two is speculated. All this occurs in the midst of continuous reports on alleged extramarital affairs of Trump.

Despite all the drama in the media, the first lady's office said ABC News that she had planned to spend her birthday with her family. Flowers and cards, is not thought what counts? Maybe that line does not work when it comes to one of the richest and most powerful men in the United States.

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