Lords Mobile Best Heroes & Team Compositions 2018

Choosing the right heroes for your team at Lords Mobile can be a difficult task. With so many different heroes and the effort needed to maximize them, you will not want to get stuck giving priority to the wrong heroes in Lords Mobile, so I decided to give you my personal advice when it comes to the best heroes to use and the best. Team compositions for Colosseum, Hero Hunt or Hero Stages in Lords Mobile.

The best heroes and teams

Each mode requires different heroes in Lords Mobile and I have my personal settings here with some ideas about why I use it. 19659004] If you do not have the same heroes as me, simply switch to a similar hero of the similar class and that's it.

Best Heroes & Team for Colosseum at Lords Mobile

Rose Knight belongs to your team, period! She does a lot of damage along with other benefits. I also recommend that you put Demon Slayer by his side because he's great as a killer of the other team's pitchers. Also, put Tracker on your computer. She is ugly as night, but she does a lot of damage by burst and her impressive abilities will be useful in multiple situations.

I also put Trickster also on the computer because it's the kind of long-range control heroes that can also cause a good amount of damage, especially when it reaches the conclusion that can kill a large part of your enemy team. Completing this equipment with Incinerator and even when it's not as good elsewhere in Lords Mobile, it's really devastating at the Colosseum.

The best monster hunting team in Lords Mobile

Personally I prefer to use the greatest possible launcher power in my team to hunt monsters in Lords mobile to make the most of my successes and I do not need to return as often.

  Monster Hunt Lords Mobile The best heroes

I use Storm Fox, Petite Devil, Dream Witch, Elementalist and Incinerator, but I know there are some Pay-2-Play heroes there, so if you do not have them, just change the throwing heroes you have in your toaster. available.

Best heroes for the hero stages in Lords Mobile

A good team for the hero stages in Lords Mobile consists of a healer, a tank, a stand, a dedicated damage dealer and two mass control heroes . Especially crowd control is important since you'll need heroes who can stun in command, interrupt ultimates or press on command to keep your team alive.

  Heroes in stages Lords Mobile Best Heroes

Use the The following configuration – Dead Knight is my tank in this configuration and I prefer Rose Knight as support, also because she can cause a solid damage. You may think that they are not the best heroes to fulfill that role, but they are also good heroes for crowd control.

Prima Donna is the healer in the configuration of my computer and I use Death Archer as my dedicated damage dealer because it deals crazy damage. Rounding that up with Tracker and I have my perfect team for Hero Stages in Lords Mobile.


I hope this helps you choose the best heroes and the best team in Lords Mobile and if you have any other opinion, feel free to leave a comment below ๐Ÿ™‚

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