Lili Reinhart Is Sick Of All The ‘Toxic’ Haters On Social Media – The Riverdale Actress Takes A Break From Twitter!

The actress of Riverdale is sick and tired of all the negativity in social networks, that's why she announced that she is taking a break! This is what he had to say!

Lili Reinhart, 22, has been trying, like many other celebrities, with a lot of online toxicity and it seems to be affecting her a lot.

Fortunately, the star has control over what allows it to arrive and what does not!

As a result, you will not see Reinhart on your Twitter in the short term.

Lili began: "Do people on Twitter really get tired of being so negative and so disrespectful to everyone and everything? Are they so miserable?" There is hatred everywhere, but especially on Twitter. black for evil young people of 15 years who do not know what the hell they are talking about and have nothing better to do ".

He also continued to tweet: "Taking a break from this toxic site and from the people". in him, those who constantly feel the need to attack me, my co-stars, my relationship and Riverdale. I hate to tell you online trolls: Spreading your hate and negativity online will not make you any less miserable. K bye. & # 39;

As fans know, Reinhart's account was even hacked in August.

At this point, you're still active on your Instagram and on Tumblr.

Talking about positivity on social media, Variety really honored the Riverdale actress for using her platforms forever this year.

At that time, she spoke about people like her, with a voice and a platform and how they need to use that influence to be great role models.

He also told the publication that he could also see all the good things on social networks, such as the fact that artists have had the opportunity to present themselves as they are and also differentiate themselves from their characters on the screen. [19659002]

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