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What are Libratone Track Plus?

The Libratone Track Plus is a wireless neckband headset of £ 169 with active noise cancellation. They are perfect for noisy trips and also for exercising.

Its sound is big and fun, noise cancellation is useful and quite rare for in-ear headphones, and the fit works much better for runners than the Sennheiser neck band alternatives. We do not love all aspects of hardware design, but they are flexible and versatile.

  Libratone Track Plus

Libratone Track Plus: design and comfort

Libratone Track Plus are quite expensive Bluetooth headphones, making a rather bold move from a lesser-known brand than some of the obvious alternatives of Bose and Sennheiser .

Libratone audio devices often combat this effect with a beautiful design that stands out on the shelf or on a web page. The Libratone Track Plus is quite simple, because most of us do not want our headphones to stand out too much.

They have a piece of flexible rubber that sits around your neck, two metal control boxes by the collarbone and a cable with rubber sheath that snakes up to the headphones.

 Libratone Track Plus

This style works well for exercise and general comfort. Unlike the Sennheiser moment, they do not run around your head while running. And while the capsule skin with silicone hook used in the headphones looks like an obstruction of the ear canal, they are actually very comfortable, a bit like the Bose SoundSport.

On the downside, you can not fold them easily into a pocket like OnePlus Bullets Wireless and, in a couple of weeks of testing, a part of our Libratone Track Plus headphones has already failed. The rubber cover that covers the end of the wiring is slightly attached to the headphone stem, and has been disassembled.

The heat wave of the United Kingdom in 2018 probably did not help, but it shows one of the problems of using such a style, instead of a traditional cable. It has not broken the Libratone Track Plus. They still work. But if we had bought them, they would be returning to Libratone for a replacement.

 Libratone Track Plus

Libratone Track Plus – Wireless and noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation (ANC) is the main feature that differentiates these headphones from the many, many other wireless band pairs for the neck. The quality of ANC is variable outside of the big names, but it's pretty good here.

Pressing a small button on the left shank of these headphones alternates between four levels of noise cancellation, gradually increasing its power. If you use the Libratone application, you can also use an "adaptive" mode that extends the ANC up and down to match the ambient noise.

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 Libratone Track Plus

Like Bose Noise Canceling, it is excellent for reducing low frequency sound, but not it touches both the higher frequencies.

The Libratone Track Plus is a tool that almost nullifies the noise of public transport, and can also counteract the loud music played in the gym or pubs. With the lower frequencies taken out of the picture, your own music has less trouble competing.

Only those persons particularly susceptible to the sensation of increased acoustic pressure, caused by active noise cancellation, are likely to want to use anything other than the highest setting, however. It has very little effect on the sound, a signal from a good ANC handset.

Libratone suggests that you want to use a lower configuration for added security. But since you can still hear a good high frequency sound (unless your music is too loud), I get happy when I run on the street. The Libratone Track Plus also has the IPX4 certification, good enough to sweat a little. Although, obviously, my pair is no longer thanks to the damaged wiring.

The wireless performance is excellent and these headphones support aptX for higher quality transmission.

 Libratone Track Plus

Battery life is not great, though. The Libratone Track Plus lasts up to eight hours, the least I expected in a handset of this style. However, they have an ANC that mines the battery, and the most expensive Bose QuietControl 30 only lasts 10 hours. If Bose made a new pair now, he could squeeze some extra hours, however. The longevity of some of the latest wireless pairs is fantastic.

The Libratone Track Plus loads quickly, however, it fills up in one hour instead of two or three, and uses a microUSB connector in one of the rigid control units.

They also use a motion sensor to determine when they can be disconnected, since, unlike normal wireless headphones, they can not be turned off simply when the music is over. Some will want to use them only with active ANC.

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 Libratone Track Plus

Libratone Track Plus – Sound Quality

The Libratone Track Plus have a solid sound. It is vital and energetic, forward but also spacious enough. And the sound study is wide.

They are fun to listen to, but they fall slightly behind the Sennheiser Momentum In-ear. The midrange texture is less rich in Track Plus, and are slightly more likely to sound confused with dense arrays such as Kamasi Washington Fists of Fury .

 Libratone Track Plus [19659003] There is also a slight and specific sharp peak that increases the feeling that the composition of the frequency of the voices is not uniform, smooth and natural.

However, these are not really headphones to hear in a quiet room. They are made for the real world, and as such they are good. The bass is blunt without an exaggerated low-midrange, and there is plenty of clarity and more frequent energy for delivery.

 Libratone Track Plus

Why buy the Libratone Track Plus?

The Libratone The main benefit of Track Plus is that they offer something slightly unusual: useful noise cancellation in a cordless headset with neckband. Bose has a better ANC, as usual, but the rival QuietControl 30 also has almost double the price.

These headphones are comfortable and sound good too.

However, the battery life is only acceptable and the design is not as compact or rugged as some. There are surprisingly few options around the price, underpinning the appeal of Track Plus. The high price means that they are at the same level as the real Sony WF1000X wireless, which we also love.


Solid wireless headphones for the neck band with a surprisingly unusual feature: active noise cancellation

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