Not happy with letting others have fun in October, Lenovo has decided to make its own announcement by showing a flexible phone. If you feel that you have heard this story before, it is likely that you have done it; Lenovo introduced us to a flexible mobile phone in 2016. That conceptual device never hit the market, so the latest news might seem like a similar public relations gimmick.

In a video originally published on the company's Weibo account, what appears to be a flexible and functional phone is briefly displayed. The device continues to move and allows tactile entry when it is bent at an angle of approximately 80 degrees. You see a couple of dark spots on the screen. While they may simply be the result of a demonstration abuse, a point is clearly centered directly on the curve.

Lenovo's message on Weibo shows the flexible phone.

The translated publication says "See you in October," without mention of a particular date. There is also the mention of something about a fork and being "very bad", that I am talking about a translation error. Abacus News has a more accurate conversion: "We are terribly good, it's time to show off."