Lego Playground AR Game Brings Your Bricks to Life

Your phone can display realistic Pokémon that appear on top of the world around you, so why not bring your favorite toys to life? Lego Playground, announced last summer and debuting today at the Apple App Store, takes its fixed Lego games and turns them into interactive games with augmented reality.

Playground uses Apple's ARKit technology to detect Lego bricks and superimpose animations on them. Imagine looking at a Lego castle that seems to be on fire or moving virtual warriors around a physical brickwork battlefield that you installed in your living room.

Initially, Lego Playground will only work with two Ninjago-themed sets, the Lego Ninjago Dieselnaut (70654) and Ninjago Dragon & # 39; s Pit (70655). However, even if you do not have any of the two games, you can play the first five levels of the game in Playground, with the application projecting images of Lego objects on any surface.

There is also a two-player mode so that you and a friend can play cooperatively with each other using a combination of the previous Lego Ninjago games and iOS devices. Using the application, one or two players can fight the evil dragon hunters in a complete battle with special powers, weapons and all kinds of special effects.

The Playground Lego Ninjago AR is only the first of many augmented reality experiences that the company plans to deploy. The application is completely free, but because it uses ARKit, it is available only on iOS for devices that are as powerful as an iPhone 6s. There is no word about a possible Android version.

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