Kirk Frost Films Rasheeda While She’s Decorating The Christmas Tree – Fans Say They’re Proud Of How She Got Over Kirk’s Cheating

Rasheeda Frost looks really happy while decorating her Christmas tree. Kirk Frost is filming everything, and frankly, things seem to go very well between them for quite some time.

Although some people have been criticizing Rasheeda for being with Kirk again, now more and more fans seem to be at peace with the whole idea.

They even tell Rasheeda that they are proud of her for being able to forgive him.

& # 39; Gurl, you need to write a book about how you got over that mess with you and with Kirk. I'm very proud of you! ", someone told Rasheeda in the comments section.

Look at this post on Instagram

  ?   ?   ?

A post shared by Rasheeda (@rasheedadabosschick)) on December 17, 2018 at 6:02 pm PST

Another follower said "This makes my  ♥  . I used to hide in the box of trees every year as a child! It's one of my best memories, especially for being The only child and with my two missing parents is bittersweet.Enjoy every minute @rasheedadabosschick Merry Christmas for you and your beautiful family.  ?   ? & # 39;

Someone else wrote that "My tree looked so pretty with the candy canes, it came home with five left on the tree, I guess my twin grandmother wanted a sandwich.  ??♀️   ?   ?   ?   ?   ? & # 39;

One of Rasheeda's fans told him & # 39; Tell Kirk that we did not launch Sweets away, we have kids for that haha ​​ ? & # 39;

The Boss Lady recently left with Kirk Frost, and she wore a beautiful black dress and wore a taco blond. People loved his look, but he criticized Kirk's sad face.

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