Keep your new phone safe: Here are the best iPhone 8 screen protectors

So you just left large sums of money on Apple's iPhone 8 and are eager to try wireless charging, put the Bionic A11 processor to the test and gawk at the True Tone screen on the device. But as the screen goes dark, you look into the abyss, and stare at you. Suddenly you remember all the broken screens of your past. How did that happen? How can you prevent it from happening with your new phone? Very easy, as it turns out. But, how do you find reliable protection designed to protect your phone's screen? This list of the best screen protectors for iPhone 8 is a great place to start. We have projected the best screen protectors, so you can find the perfect offer for your iPhone 8. Read on to get more details.

Tech21 Impact Shield ($ 35)

They & # 39; They are not as hard, nor do they protect against drops and bumps, so film screen protectors may seem the worst choice when compared to glass screen protectors. But they have their advantages. The Impact Shield of Tech21 is one of the most outstanding screen protectors on the market. It is expensive, but for that price you get reduced glare, self-healing properties and a super easy application. Tech21 also has an ace in the sleeve with Bulletshield, a unique material that helps absorb the force of the blows. Placed between two other layers in the Impact Shield, it does an excellent job resisting blows and helping to keep your screen free of scratches. It may not be as strong as glass, but the impact shield is thin, heals and hardly feels as if it were there.

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InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense ($ 50)

  invisibleshield best iphone 8 screen protectors

InvisibleShield touts this as the most advanced screen protection in the world and, based on To the evidence on the screen, you may endorse that claim. The Sapphire Defense screen protector begins its life as a humble tempered glass screen protector, which is then infused with sapphire to add additional resistance and protection against scratches. Then you get another layer with self-healing properties and additional impact protection to actually accumulate protection. According to InvisibleShield, this process adds up to seven times more resistance to breakage than an unprotected screen, so you can rest assured knowing that the screen of your iPhone 8 is extremely well protected.

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Amazon InvisibleShield [19659007] Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra ($ 40)

  belkin best iphone 8 screen protectors

Belkin is Apple's official partner for accessories, and quality is shown in each of its products. The InvisiGlass Ultra has been chemically strengthened by an ion exchange process that allows it to be extremely strong, as well as being very thin, only 0.21 inches thick. Belkin says the InvisiGlass Ultra adds three to five times more scratch resistance than an unprotected screen, in addition to increasing the drop performance by 25 percent. If you are concerned about applying it correctly, and who does not? – It also comes with an EasyAlign decal for easy application. Just in case you are on the fence, the glass used is the same glass used for the windows of a space shuttle. And who would not want that?

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Whitestone Dome Full Cover ($ 45)

  whitestone dome best iphone 8 screen protectors

Are you worried about not getting the perfect fit for your device? Does the idea of ​​air bubbles that reduce sensitivity to touch keep you awake at night? Well, you're a bit weird. But do not worry, because Whitestone Dome's full-screen screensaver is here to put your fears to rest. This screen protector uses a unique wet application method that channels the adhesive under the screen protector, forming a perfect seal between your screen and the protector. Once it is fully adhered, the adhesive is cured with the UV lamp, which guarantees a perfect fit. It may be a bit tricky to get it right, but go slowly and use the installation guide and it should be fine.

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Yakai Anti-Spy Screen Protector ($ 7))

  yakai best iphone 8 screen protectors

Do you always feel that someone is looking through over the shoulder? Maybe you use your phone regularly for business purposes, and that someone snooping in its use could be a disaster. In that case, look at this screensaver focused on Yakai's privacy. It comes with all modern conveniences for a tempered glass screen protector, and 9H hard glass should protect your glass from scratches and drops, but turn it 45 degrees and the screen darkens, keeping your eyes away from spies. It reduces the clarity of the screen a bit, but when your privacy is at stake it is a fair compromise. It's a bargain too.

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Otterbox Alpha Glass screen protector ($ 9)

  otterbox alpha glass best iphone screen protector 8

Otterbox has long been associated with protection of smart phones – and it does not disappoint when it comes to the iPhone 8. The Alpha Glass exhibits Otterbox's usual inclination for quality with a hardened superfine tempered glass layer that does not reduce the clarity of your Retina display. This screen protector is tough enough to withstand daily scratches, contains an oleophobic coating to keep dirt and grease away, and is simply a great all-rounder.

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Olixar Screen Protector Film – Twin Package ($ 9)

  olixar best screen protectors for iPhone 8

Olixar is a promising name in phone accessories Smart dedicated to helping customers to "live smarter, personalize smarter" and the range of screen savers is indicative of that philosophy. Olixar's screen saver is a pointless matter, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. A thin layer of film that is located near the screen of your phone, this screen protector keeps your iPhone 8 free of scratches and even comes with a replacement film, in case the first one goes bad.

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Olixar Mobile Fun

Tech Armor HD Clear Film ($ 6)

  tech armor iphone 8 screen protectors

This screen protector can only cover the flat surfaces of the iPhone 8, but despite this, the PET film in Tech Armor HD Clear does a tremendous job of keeping your screen scratch free. While a film screen protector will not offer fall protection in the same way as a glass protector, HD Clear's multi-layer construction does a good job of keeping your device secure, and at this price, keeps your wallet decently shaped , as well.

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Anker KARAPAX GlassGuard screen protector – Double package ($ 8)

  anker karapax best iphone 8 screen protectors

At first glance, the Karapax may seem a traditional screen saver, and in many ways it is. Tempered glass does not reduce the clarity of the screen or inhibit sensitivity to touch, and contains a fragment protector similar to Otterbox's Alpha Glass, which aims to hold glass fragments together in case the worst happens. But Anker's Karapax also comes with its own surprises. A double layer of reinforced glass improves the protection it offers, effectively doubling its 9H rating. Sadly, however, it only covers the flat section of your phone's screen.

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Bodyguardz UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz ($ 20)

  bodyguardz best screen protectors for iphone 8

Last, but by no means least, we take a look at Bodyguardz screen protector. Made from a urethane film, the UltraTough Clear is made specifically to deflect scratches that would otherwise damage the surface of your phone's screen. Urethane will even cure the damage over time, essentially eliminating small scratches. If that's not enough, the Bodyguardz protector also offers edge-to-edge coverage and an antimicrobial coating that will prevent germs from taking hold on the front of the phone, which is perfect for a device you use regularly. in his face.

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