Kanye West Lost Some Big Followers After Pro-Trump Tweets

For more than a decade, Kanye West has been one of the most gifted artists and influential voices of our generation. From illustrious albums to a line of shoes and clothing, Kanye has undoubtedly become one of the most important figures of our time in pop culture. After a recent series of controversial tweets, Kanye discovered that with such a prolific stature he has a profound effect as a model, not only with his fans and followers, but also with other celebrities and public figures. Celebrities who have stopped reading Kanye so far in their tweets include musicians Jaden Smith, Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott, according to Business Insider .

In recent weeks, Kanye West was welcomed back into the world of social networks, reactivating his Twitter and wasting his time leaving his mark. Known for his fashion tweets in the past, the hip-hop mogul decided to use the public platform to provide shade in light of the functioning of his inner mind. In one of his tweets, he stated: "The thought police want to suppress freedom of thought." Obviously, free thought is something that he feels passionately about, and he wants the world to follow him and be respected for it. Then he would prove that, in fact, he is not afraid to express his thoughts, with a controversial statement that would get a great response from the online world.

Mr. West made known his "love" for President Trump, unleashing reactions from left and right, literally and politically. "You do not have to agree with Trump, but the mafia can not make me not love him … He is my brother, I love everyone, I do not agree with everything that anyone does, that's what makes us individuals And we have the right to an independent thought, "he tweeted. Despite the negative reactions that began to move, Trump himself realized and showed his gratitude for the recognition, responding with "Thanks, Kanye, great!". This turn of events inevitably caused people to be horrified and totally disappointed. News media such as Business Insider reported that many of Kanye's celebrities followed him, including Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

With a plethora of media plugged in and watching, it was only a matter of time before it became a hot topic of discussion. New York City radio host Ebro Darden of Hot97 decided to return fire, after a phone call he personally had with Mr. West. "Kanye is talking about things that do not affect him," he began. Ebro, like many others, did not appreciate the position that Kanye had been taking in his tweets. While Kanye made it clear that he is only using his platform to express his free thought, Ebro was simply not biting and was on him, claiming he has a new album on the horizon. To increase the heat, he also tweeted his support for Candace Owens, who has been known to challenge conventional black thinking. For his understanding of the telephone conversation they had, he came to the conclusion that Kanye wants to deprogram people, and make them think differently than they did before. He feels that Kanye has been demonized, and that as a society we demonize people who try to speak and challenge conventional thinking.

Unfortunately, through his effort, and the people he has aligned with, he has shown that this is true, by being demonized and criticized through everything. Ebro, boldly expressing his thoughts, decided to conclude by saying to Kanye: "Donald Trump is aligned with people who want to see the disappearance of black and brown people, all the way to the uterus," to which he remained silent. The reality is that people are now outraged and are now following in their footsteps to speak freely of their mind as well.

Naturally, through tweets and controversial proclamations, people want answers. TMZ decided to host Kanye West and try to delve into the reasoning behind it all. When asked about what led him to wear the "Make America Great Again" hat, he said he felt great freedom in doing something that everyone tells you not to do. "For me to wear that hat means that I want to make the United States great in my own way," he told TMZ. "I do not have extremely strong political opinions … I love Trump, that's my boy," he continued. Kanye then continued to say his most controversial set of words. Mr. West stated that since African-Americans endured 400 years of slavery, that it was "an election", he added, "it is as if we were imprisoned mentally." That's when the biggest reactions, even from the TMZ study, really started. 19659002] TMZ producer Van Lathan was deeply offended by these statements: "You have a right to your opinion, you have the right to believe what you want," said Lathan, "but there are facts and consequences in real life and in real life" behind everything you just said, and while you're making music and you're an artist and you're living the life you've earned by being a genius, the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats in our lives, deal with marginalization that it came from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice. Every day we have to go into that truth, while you choose to say these things to be honest with your dog, they make no sense. "

Boldly expressing his disappointment, his voice was heard, and Kanye approached him and insisted on a "You have to be responsible, your voice is too big," Van added, receiving an apology.The TMZ producer admits that, as he grew up, he admired Kanye West and defended him all these years, but he felt as if They would have stuck in the face once they lined up with people who want to harm African Americans.The host, Harvey Levin, decided to summarize it with some context and get to the root of it all.When asked what this is all about, Kanye He affirmed: "It is free love." Love conquers all Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and at this moment, we need love.

In the middle of the fire, he knows he started with his words, adding: "I want to show people that it's okay to ruin, and you can still get over things." Harvey, despite everything that was said, decided to conclude accepting the importance of free thought and how it has been lost in today's society. "From my point of view, you are a very important person and your voice must be heard," he concluded.

Naturally, there are always two sides of the spectrum. Although there are many who are upset with Kanye West after his statements, there are those who still remain faithful to him. Scott Adams, who created the famous Dilbert comic strip and presents an online Youtube segment called Café with Scott Adams decided to talk and give a positive perspective on the matter. He raises the idea of ​​the Golden Age, which defines "as a time where everything is going well" and the "understanding that many problems are psychological and not physical", for example, North Korea realized that it was a problem psychological, and resolving

Affirms that "people are leaving their mental prisons" and "realize that there are things that used to delay us, that used to limit what we could do". Of course, he believes that Mr. West is one of those people. He understands that Kanye is someone who has "strong credentials to be an advocate for African Americans and against racism," and by supporting Candace Owens and President Trump, " it opened a hole in reality. " Despite this, he said that regardless of what you want to say about Kanye's policy, he did something that is rarely seen by altering reality and freeing "many people from a mental prison." He concluded by saying: "Kanye just showed you how to get out, love him or hate him."

Despite the difficulties, there will always be those who support Kanye West and wish him well in his searches. Although he may have lost some followers and followers in expressing his opinion, there are those who still hope to see him shine as he always has. John Legend decided to send Kanye a personal text message, which Kanye shared via Twitter. In the text exchange, John says: "I hope you reconsider aligning yourself with Trump, you are too powerful and influential to back who he is and what he represents," adding: "So many people who love you feel betrayed at this moment because they know the damage caused by Trump's policies, especially to people of color, do not let this be part of your legacy, you are the best artist of our generation. "

In addition, the uplifting words of a friend of Mr. West's with the name of "Christian" were posted on Twitter, which undoubtedly provided Kanye with much-needed optimism at this time. Time: "I've been reading your tweets and seen your interviews: you're opening the eyes of people in the world, the children at school are talking about you in such a respectful way, we've all been slaves to something, we're afraid of something We are addicted to something, it is helping us to be free, to feel free, to think freely, a lot of love and respect, thanks for everything you are doing. "

Kanye West, as an artist, father, husband and human being, has always had a substantial effect in some way, wherever he goes. . Despite the controversy that has unleashed and ignited on numerous occasions, it remains one of the most important and influential figures of our time. What is clear is that he is at a time when he feels the desire to be a defender of free thought. He wants people to join him in this effort, even if that means being criticized for saying what you really feel. In one of his most recent tweets, he proclaimed: "They can no longer stop our voice", and, in the words of one of their most successful songs, "Can not Tell Me Nothing", "I only say how to feel, man".

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