Jaguar broke a world record with this tiny electric boat

The Jaguar battery powered V20E just broke a maritime speed record.

Peter Dredge, cofounder of Jaguar Vector, piloted the ship at speeds of 88.62 miles per hour along eight miles of Lake Coniston Water in Cumbria, England. Their speeds broke the previous record of 76.8 mph set ten years ago.

The small and fast boat was developed with vector racing experts, as well as Williams Advanced Engineering, from which it borrowed the components of the electric transmission. The specifications of the battery, engine and controller are not clear, but the team used similar hardware and technology that Jaguar uses in Formula E, the all-electric street racing series.

This could be Jaguar's most exciting news about his speedboat game, but it's not his first foray into electric transport. The company has been distancing itself slowly from traditional combustion engines, even announcing that they will stop producing cars based on combustion engines by 2020.

The company is in the midst of launching its first all-electric car, the Jaguar I- Step. And this fall, a full field of I-Paces will compete with each other in a series of races that will take place before the Formula E events. Maybe a series of electric boat races will be in Jaguar's future as well.

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