Instagram’s Restrict feature now lets you shadow ban your bullies

Instagram is releasing a new mode called "Restrictions" that allows account holders to effectively block users who are commenting on photos in aggressive or insulting languages. This feature started public testing in July.

Swipe comments left, go to privacy settings, or navigate to an individual's account to enable the mode for that particular account. According to a new Instagram blog post posted today, Restrict writes "Comments on a limited person's posts are visible only to that person".

The user hasn't been blocked, so people will see a comment similar to the muted reply on Twitter to see your comment. The account owner can then approve the comment and make it visible to everyone, delete it, or ignore it. Instagram also removes notifications for comments from restricted accounts. This is similar to Twitter's existing mute system.


Restricting the ability of others to comment affects your direct messages. According to Instagram, if you try to send a message directly, it goes to the message request and no notification is sent. Messages can still be read, but restricted accounts will not see if the person who read or restricted the message is active on Instagram.

& # 39; Restrictions & # 39; tools are additional precautions that people can take to protect themselves from harassment and harassment on your site. Instagram already allows people to block their account and manage their comments. Harassment is still a problem on Instagram. The company has started seriously over the last few years. Last fall, in an article in the Atlantic Ocean a teenage teenager using Instagram described "bullying" harassment levels on Instagram. Instagram also encourages young children to fight bullying. It spreads positivity by introducing a series of anti-bullying stickers that arrive in the coming weeks.

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