Incredible Photographs Show Gorilla Cradle And Kiss Her Newborn Baby

Animals are a wonderful and fascinating thing. We find it quite surprising how they tend to interact with humans. Some become super fearful, others become violent. Then there are those animals that simply feel completely comfortable and normal with other animals. But what happens when the animals interact with each other? Some of us find it hard to believe, but it is more incredible to see it when interacting with humans. If you do not believe me, meet Calaya.

Calaya is a gorilla that resides at the Smithsonian National Zoo. DailyMail UK reports that the zoo had taken photos and videos of this gorilla mother meeting her newborn baby for the first time. She is a first-time mother who gave birth to a baby named Moke (pronounced mo-KEY). Both are gorillas from the western lowlands. This birth was quite important. It was the first nine years at the zoo, according to DailyMail.

These zoo officials had captured this special moment that was shared on their website and social networks on Monday morning. The zoo went on their Twitter, writing, "We are thrilled to share [that our] lowland western gorilla. Calaya gave birth to a man at 6:25 pm 4/15. His name, Moke, means" junior "or "small" in the Lingala language. " They continued, tweeting: "Keepers reports that Calaya has been taking care of her baby and they are optimistic that she will prosper. #GorillaStory."

DailyMail reports that this adorable baby was raised last summer by the 15-year-old mother, Calaya, and the 26-year-old father, Baraka. This mother is extremely affectionate and is so extraordinary to see. It's as human as watching the video below. I guess no matter what species you are, once you become a mother, your instincts start working very fast.

In the video, you see the mother holding her baby while she looks at him with the look of pure love and joy. While looking at Moke, she kisses him gently and admires him, since he is so close to her chest.

Honestly, anyone who watches this video only sees pure love, something that this world so desperately needs. But also, the birth of this gorilla is more than a lovely moment for people to see it. It means something much bigger. This species of gorilla is a critically endangered species.

According to DailyMail the zoo noted on its website: "The birth of this lowland western gorilla is very special and significant, not only for our zoo family but also for this critically endangered species as a whole. " They continued, saying: "The goal of the primate team was to establish Calaya for success as best we could, given that she is a first-time mother."

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