Inbox v1.78 begins preparation for shutdown, removes option to disable Gmail notifications [APK Teardown]

We are a few months away from the inevitable completion of Inbox, but the development team seems to be preparing for that day well in advance. The latest update brings some of the preparations to make the switch back to Gmail. This includes removing settings to block Gmail notifications, plus a couple of messages that will be shown to users to direct them to the right Google applications.


Unofficial changelog: (what we found) [19659004] No more Gmail notification locks

Gmail notifications will return

Left: v1.77. Right: v1.78.

We will begin with the change that we present today. Take a look at the account settings in the Inbox and you will find that the option to turn off Gmail notifications has been silently removed. As the regular users of the Inbox know, this was a simple tool that prevented Gmail from publishing notifications that would have been redundant for those in the Inbox.

I do not think this automatically re-activates Gmail notifications, but will prevent them from being activated again. disabled by the input tray on the newly configured phones. Of course, users can still manually turn off notifications in Gmail.


Disclaimer: The disassemblies are based on evidence found within apks (Android application package) and are necessarily speculative and, in general, are based on incomplete information. It is possible that the conjectures made here are incorrect or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it is officially announced and published.

It is likely that the features discussed below are not yet active, or that they are only active for a small percentage of users. Unless otherwise stated, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are true unless otherwise indicated, and the images are only modified to delete personal information.

Countdown to the end

While we are all aware that the Inbox is going, not all the users in the Inbox are blessed with the great looks and intelligence of the Android Police readers. Those poor souls will happily remain in the dark until the end of the Inbox is a little closer, at which point the application will show them a message to inform them of the news.

The message is quite short, indicating only that the application will be gone soon, or if the deadline has already been met, the application will no longer be available. Continue explaining that "your favorite Inbox features" are in the Gmail application. (Ryne does not agree with that statement). And at the bottom there is a button to open the Gmail application.

< string name = " bt_switch_activity_count_down_backup_title [194590006]"] > This application will be gone soon </ string >
< string name = " bt_switch_activity_count_down_today " > This application will go away today </ ] string ] ] ] ] ] ] 19659021] < string name = " bt_switch_activity_final_title "

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