Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller Review


What is the Hyperkin Xbox One Duke controller?

Those of us who are old enough to remember the launch of the original Xbox, in the year 2001 (2002 outside of the US) We probably have some things recorded in our memories – Halo: Combat Evolved, Project Gotham Racing and the absolutely massive driver that came with the already massive console.

The pad, later called "Duke," would eventually be replaced with the smaller "Xbox S" driver after receiving comments. about the size and comfort offered by the driver. In short, this was a driver not designed for smaller hands, and sometimes it resulted in buttons that were uncomfortable or even impossible for some people to reach.

However, the Duke driver had its advantages. It followed the steps of the bulky Sega Dreamcast controller and Microsoft was determined to set the Xbox driver apart from the PlayStation's DualShock. Definitely, the Duke was a driver with whom you got along or who hated, but for many it became a piece of nostalgia that reminded them of those first days, playing with the original Halo with friends. Some people, to this day, will tell you that Duke was the best and most comfortable driver they have used.

This whole conversation about Duke and nostalgia finally resulted in Hyperkin, a company best known for producing Retron, a box of retro game emulators: presenting a unique idea to Microsoft to recover Duke as a third-party driver with official license for PCs with Xbox One and Windows 10. So here in 2018, we do not have one but two new versions of the Xbox Duke controller to enjoy.

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Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller – Design and Build

The Hyperkin replica of the original Duke driver is correct. It's an incredibly accurate recreation of the original controller, volume and everything. If you have had any experience with the original Xbox Pad, all that nostalgia will return the moment you have this new version.

True to the original, the Hyperkin Duke features two thumbs, a d-pad, start and back buttons (here, renamed to the buttons & # 39; see & # 39; and & # 39; menu & # 39; Xbox One) and a set of buttons & # 39; face: the traditional X, Y, B and A, along with the "black" and "white" buttons exclusive to the original Xbox. Like the original, all of these buttons are slightly tilted to the left, making them narrower than you would expect from the designs of the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers.

One of the only new things found in This controller is a set of bumper buttons on top. In a modern context, these bumpers work like the LB and RB switches, while reflecting the buttons on the Black and White side.

In essence, this means that if you choose to use the Hyperkin Duke as the original Xbox keyboard, you can restrict yourself to using only the buttons on the face (including black and white) and the triggers, while the newly added stops are It will feel much more natural for those who do not look for a solution of nostalgia. In addition, you can find a headphone jack on the bottom.

For better or for worse, the original Xbox controller's d-pad is also faithfully replicated here. However, this, according to most standards, was never a good d-pad, and although I can see the need to return in this otherwise perfect recreation of the original Duke, it is one of the few unpleasant things that we will see return. [19659006] Related: The best gaming headset

  Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller

One of the most unfortunate things about Hyperkin Duke is the lack of wireless functionality. The controller comes with a removable USB cable, which is required so that it can be used on Xbox One or PC. This is reportedly due to a licensing clause with Microsoft which means that only official first-person pads can be wireless for Xbox One.

Then there is the controller center, which comes equipped with a circular AMOLED display in Giant Logo place from the original Xbox version. This screen is actually a functional button that, when pressed, will play a short video from the original Xbox's home screen.

It's a good trick for you to go back to the good playing times of the original system, although it seems a bit lost in practice. I found myself wondering what other functions the small screen could have used besides the nostalgia.

The Hyperkin restart is available in two color combinations: the original black that was launched with the Xbox many years ago and a translucent green variant that was launched together with a similarly translucent green Xbox some years more late. Both pads are impressively accurate replicas, but there is definitely something more striking in the green model vaguely influenced by Halo.

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  Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Controller

Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller – 19659002] The Hyperkin Duke is a surprisingly solid and fun to use controller. The quality of construction is very good, the whole pad feels resistant and I can attest that it could survive a couple of falls from a desk to the floor without a scratch. This is a cushion that feels resilient and meaningful when you hold it.

If you've been using modern game controllers, particularly those on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, and you've gotten used to the design, your muscle memory will betray you the first few times you try the duke. The small bumpers raised and the slanted buttons of the face feel a bit strange now, and while I play Dark Souls Remastered using this controller, I found myself accidentally pressing more than one button at a time in a frantic moment.

However, after getting used to the Duke buttons layout, I think it's a very nice pad to use, especially for PC games. The driver is recognized by Windows 10 as a XINPUT device, so the vast majority of games available on Steam or GOG will know instantly and configure the button designs properly.

It's a real pity that this controller can not be created as a wireless, and although it will have a 9-foot micro USB cable in the box, which should be long enough to fit in most game configurations, It's a shame not to see a truly wireless model available. [19659006] Related: The best Xbox One games

  Hyperkin Xbox One Duke controller

Why buy the Hyperkin Xbox One Duke Controller?

The Hyperkin Duke, by design, is not a controller for everyone. It's an almost perfect replica of the original Xbox launch controller and, as such, it's a welcome return for some. If you are someone who looks fondly at the large controller that came with the console many years ago, you should choose this driver. It is a faithful recreation of the original Duke and packages with some lovely new features on top. You will not have anything amazing, but the Hyperkin Duke is something very unique in the market at this time.

That said, if you still do not have that built-in nostalgia, it's a bit harder to recommend. I discovered that my time with this driver is very nice after an initial awkward period, but this is, in essence, a wired controller with a RRP of £ 69.99 / $ 70. As much as I enjoyed the Hyperkin Duke, that point Price is a great demand for a third-party controller, let alone for a cabling. If you still do not remember the original Duke with pink-tinted lenses, it might be better to buy an official Xbox One wireless controller for less money.


Hyperkin has done a great job really. recreating a classic controller and something underestimated of yesteryear. There is enough modernization to turn it into a great controller to use in Xbox One and PC games, although the lack of wireless connection and the high cost are huge disadvantages. Still, if you have a particular fondness for the original Xbox controller, this is something you should have.

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