Hulu is making its menus much easier to read

Today, Hulu announced that it adjusts the text opacity and the background of the app to make everything easier to read and navigate. The company says that these changes are focused on accessibility, but text readability improvements will probably be appreciated by everyone who subscribes to the service.

As part of Hulu's big visual redesign in 2017, the transition to a colorful gradient background was made, adding a translucent effect to words and icons that weren't highlighted on the screen. Now Hulu is dialing some of them in the name of usability. You can see the difference between the old main menu and the new main menu above. Franky, I'm not sure this took long, but improved readability makes a big difference.

Hulu also said it has better screen reader functionality built into the app. Your device's settings allow you to use a screen reader to speak people through Hulu's UX.

Hulu's Akshatha Kommalapati and Tanya Parker said in a blog post, “We made accessible design a major focus of summer hacker tones and launched an audio description hub on the web platform earlier this year. “Audio description hubs allow viewers to quickly and easily find content with audio descriptions. Hulu said Roku users will see the change immediately and will continue to be released on Android, iOS, iPadOS and more living room devices. Next few weeks.

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