How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac: 7 Easy Methods

Unlike Windows, macOS does not allow you to navigate natively in the file system of your Android phone. Its ad-hoc wireless service, AirDrop, does not work with Android phones either.

This allows you to rely on third-party options to transfer files between Android and macOS. Fortunately, a lot of reliable third-party applications (including one from Google) fill the gap. These are all ways you can share files between a Mac and an Android phone.

1. Android File Transfer

Google's Android File Transfer Tool is the fastest and easiest way to browse your phone's files on a Mac. Everything you need to do is to install the free application on your Mac and connect your Android phone.

Android File Transfer will automatically detect the connection and display a window where you can transfer files from one place to another, create or delete folders, and perform other file management tasks. You also do not have to worry about installing any driver, since you're using a Mac.

Download: Android file transfer for Mac (free)

2. Handshaker

  Handshaker Android Demo

Although Android File Transfer is the easiest solution, it has several reliability problems since Google has not updated it in years.

To combat that, try Handshaker, a perfect solution. Mac file management application for Android phones. Handshaker allows you to browse the storage of your phone when it is connected to your computer and share files between both devices without effort. You can even connect wirelessly when connecting to the same network, although this requires compromising the transfer bandwidth.

In addition, Handshaker allows you to review each category of files (such as photos and videos) individually to make them easier to use. find and transfer. All you need to do is install the Handshaker client on your Mac, as well as on your phone, and enable the Android debug option of Android. Since Handshaker is not available on Google Play, you must download the application.

Download: Handshaker for Mac | Android (Free)

3. Commander One

  Commander Pro Mac Demo

If you are looking for a more professional tool to manage Android phones on a Mac, you should try Commander One.

Commander One comes with a sophisticated control panel where you can perform a variety of actions, such as quickly copying large pieces of files, setting up an FTP server, instantly changing discs, and more. The application has an interface with tabs, which allows you to juggle multiple storage units with ease.

In addition, Commander One offers a wide selection of keyboard shortcuts that you can customize according to your preferences. This application, however, is not free. You can try it for free for fifteen days to decide if it's worth it.

Download: Commander One for Mac (Free trial, $ 30)

4. Pushbullet

Pushbullet brings features that are normally only available on Apple devices, such as a universal clipboard, for Android. In addition, Pushbullet also allows you to share files, explore your phone's internal storage remotely on a computer, respond to SMS messages and more. It is the complete package.

Despite what you think, it's also free (with some limitations). To set it up, register on the Pushbullet website with your Google or Facebook account. Install the application on your Android phone and on all your other devices through desktop and browser clients. Once you have logged in everywhere, you can easily send files, links and more through each platform.

Download: Pushbullet for Mac | Android (free, subscription available)

5. Portal by Pushbullet

  Portal Pushbullet Demo

Pushbullet has another application called Portal to share files quickly. However, it only works to transfer content from your computer to your phone, not the other way around. The configuration is simple and only requires that you scan a QR code on your phone.

Once this is done, you have connected the devices and are ready to send files from your Mac. The bandwidth is quite impressive, so unless you are sending a huge file, it will only take a few seconds. On your desktop, Portal works through a browser, so you do not need to install a new application.

Download: Pushbullet Portal for Android (free)
Visit: Portal for the Pushbullet website

6. Send Anywhere

If you love the simplicity of Portal but want two-way transfers and a Mac application, we recommend Send Anywhere.

Send Anywhere works similar to Portal. You enter a code and the transfer begins through a Wi-Fi network. The difference is that it has a more complete set of functions, such as the ability to quickly select images and videos, Wi-Fi Direct compatibility and more.

Even better, you can also create links for files to share with multiple devices. The free version of Send Anywhere comes with a design that supports ads, but can be updated for a small fee.

Download: Send anywhere for Android | Mac (free version, premium available)

7. Cloud storage services

If you are someone who only occasionally shares data between your Mac and your Android phone, you can probably rely on your preferred cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. The process is fast and you do not have to go through any configuration.

Also, choosing this method will not restrict your files to only a Mac and Android phone. You can access them from anywhere, no matter what device you are on.

Professional tip: If you offer one, install the desktop backup tool of your cloud service. That way, the files on your computer are always available to download to your phone.

A more connected Mac and Android experience

All these methods allow you to easily share files between Android and macOS, in both wired and wireless connections. Although Apple understandably has not added any continuity features for Android like this, fortunately, third-party developers have come forward and created several great options.

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