How to Stream NFL Games Live

NFL season is now in its fifth week. This means a lot of soccer on many TV channels. And thanks to a variety of streaming options, you don't have to walk around your television set to catch your favorite team.

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NFL allows you to watch games on your favorite platform whether you are streaming from your phone or laptop. As the league signs new contracts and the streaming service changes its policies, the way you watch NFL games changes frequently, and this guide is always updated with the latest broadcast information.

There are so many great wars you'll be looking for a way to catch action online. The best way to live stream your NFL game is:

For cable and satellite subscribers

NFL RedZone: If you have a cable TV subscription, NFL RedZone lets you see the most exciting moments in a football match. The service broadcasts live from all games on a given Sunday, but only when the team is in the "red zone" or receives a touchdown score. It's also especially useful for fantasy football fans because it provides real-time fantasy stats and extended highlights.

NFL RedZone games will air between 1pm. ET and the end of the last game of the Sunday afternoon NFL season. You can watch RedZone on a cable or satellite provider's streaming service or on various apps on smartphones, tablets and connected devices like Apple TV and PlayStation 4. You can also watch the game in a web browser.

NFL Sunday Tickets: DirecTV subscribers have one of the simplest routes to stream full NFL games on NFL Sunday Tickets. The service streams live games to TVs, computers, Android and iOS devices, and game consoles throughout. Sunday tickets only apply to off-market games.

You can get an NFL Sunday ticket as a standalone service, but only if you live in an area that does not offer DirecTV.

Watch ESPN: Sign up for a cable package that includes ESPN, and in most cases you can stream live ESPN programming on almost any device. Simply download the ESPN app using your computer, smartphone, set-top box, game console, or other connected device, and then log in with your cable provider's information. Log in to the app and play the game when ESPN broadcasts Monday Night Football.

Subscribe to Cable Free Streaming

If you really want to watch football but don't want to clutter your TV with cable subscriptions Provide the level. This streaming live TV service offers ESPN for $ 25 a month for Sling Orange service, while Fox and Fox Sports offers $ 25 per month for Sling Blue service.

To buy both ESPN and Fox for $ 40 a month, put a sling somewhere near a traditional cable package. However, viewing Sling remotely is much easier and works with a variety of mobile devices, game consoles, and smart TVs.

Currently, promotions are only $ 15, with a 40% discount from $ 25 per month. SlingTV.View Deal

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NFL Game Passes: There are very easy ways to see what you want online There is an NFL game but there is a big warning. You have to wait until the game is over. If you still can't see last night's score yourself, the NFL Game Pass will charge you $ 74.99 per year with the privilege to stream your game to your computer, mobile device or set-top box.

Game Pass lets you watch pre-season games, listen to local radio stations, and watch compressed versions that compress your entire game in 30 minutes. Watching games in real time isn't half the fun of live sports, but there's something to set your own schedule for.

CBS All Access: CBS All Access is another ideal option for watching games. online. In addition to a back-only catalog of CBS shows and streaming-only shows like Star Trek: Discovery, this service allows you to watch games on the market while local CBS stations and games are on the air.

$ 6 per month, service is available on most set-top boxes, game consoles, mobile devices and computers with little commercial disruption. Fork $ 10 or more per month for service and all ads are free.

Amazon: Amazon has been streaming live NFL games since it signed a football rights deal on Thursday night. . With Amazon Prime Video, you can watch football on the service Thursday night at no additional cost. However, NFL reserves the right to five Thursday night football games that are broadcast only on the NFL network. Amazon Prime Video can't broadcast these games.

Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts with VPN

Some Internet users seem to have found a workaround that allows them to watch games in real time using the VPN service via NFL Game Pass.

Many online guides suggest using VPNs to make you look like you are in Europe and use them to sign up for the European version of the NFL Game Pass so you can watch the games you want. Nearly all European countries and former Soviet Republics have access to the NFL Game Pass, but because some blackouts apply, you may not choose the UK or Ireland as your "location".

We have evaluated many VPN services. , Our top choice is ExpressVPN. It meets most users' VPN needs, providing excellent compatibility with most devices and excellent connection speeds. It is also cheaper at $ 12.95 per month. (If you sign up for a longer period of six months or a year, the cost is much less.)

Our favorite VPN service ExpressVPN If you sign up for a one-year contract and have a 30-day money back guarantee, you pay only a small amount of $ 6.77 per month. View transaction

[19659004] Cheap and secure NordVPN is a three-year contract with $ 2.99 per month, uses 2048-bit encryption, and makes streaming services easy to use. View Transactions

If you select $ 6.49 per month for a one-year contract, IPVanish enables up to 10 simultaneous connections. Works on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. View Deal

Free Streaming Options

Yahoo Sports: The Yahoo Sports app for iOS and Android has replaced the previous Verizon NFL Mobile app. Stream all NFL games broadcast on your local TV market for free on your smartphone or tablet, including Monday night football and Thursday night football. You can also log in to the NFL Game Pass subscription and stream from the Yahoo app.

DIY Streaming Solutions

HD Antenna Streaming Service: This option includes some DIY diligence, but if it's a local game, try setting up your own stream. Services like Channel Master and Tablo allow you to connect HD antennas to your DVR box and then broadcast live or recorded streams to your set-top box, mobile device or computer anywhere in the world.

The cost depends on the HD antenna purchased and the service you use, but the local channel itself is free, so you don't have to jump over the hoops sponsored by the NFL.

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