How to Show a Google Calendar in Outlook

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Having several calendars with different appointments in each one is a sure way towards double bookings and a discussion with someone who has annoyed you. Get organized and be more reliable by subscribing to your Google Calendar in Outlook.

To do this, you'll need a Google Calendar and Outlook (which is pretty obvious), but you will not need any add-ons, add -ins, extensions, or third-party tools. Both Google and Microsoft support the iCal format, which despite the name has nothing to do with Apple and, in fact, is the abbreviation of "iCalendar". It is an open standard for exchanging calendar and programming information between users and computers that has existed since then. At the end of the nineties. This means that you can subscribe to them if you have the correct link, which is the method we will use here.

Show a Google calendar in Outlook

Because we're going to show a Google calendar in Outlook, I need to get the Google calendar link first. Log in to your Google account and go to Google Calendar. Once you're there, click on the three points next to the calendar and then click on "Settings and Sharing."

 The 3 points for the Google calendar to be shared   The settings and sharing for the Google Share Calendar

Scroll down until you reach the "Address" section secret in iCal format ". Click on the link to highlight it and then copy it with Ctrl + V or right click and select "Copy" in the menu.


Now you must add this link in Outlook, so open Outlook and go to your calendar. Right-click on the "Shared calendars" option and then select Add calendar> From the Internet

 The Add calendar from the Internet option

Paste your iCal secret address from the Google Calendar in the text box and then click "OK".

 The Add Shared Calendar Text dialog

In the confirmation window, click "Yes".

 The Confirm subscription dialog

And that's that; Your Google calendar will now be displayed in Outlook. You can overlay it with your calendar, just like with any other shared calendar, by clicking on the arrow in the tab.

 The calendar overlay arrow in Outlook

And now you can see both calendars, with the quotes in different colors, in one place.

 Overlapping calendars

The drawback of this is that you still need to manage appointments in the Google calendar, but the changes you make there will be updated here as with any other shared calendar.

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