How to make YouTube five times faster if you don’t use Chrome

Google launched a new YouTube design almost a year ago, but if you've been using Edge, Safari or Firefox, you've probably wondered why YouTube loads so slowly. Mozilla program manager Chris Peterson has highlighted the problem this week, and it is not his alternative browser that is to blame. The redesign of Google still depends on an obsolete hidden API that was only implemented in Chrome, which makes other browsers perform five times slower than YouTube.

It's the latest case that Google builds and adjusts its web services to work better or just work in Chrome. browser. Google Meet, Allo, YouTube TV, Google Earth and YouTube Studio Beta have blocked Microsoft Edge in the past, and Google Meet, Google Earth and YouTube TV have also been blocked if you use Firefox. Google even blocked its Google Maps service on Windows Phone years ago in a passive-aggressive move that finally reversed. It's a continuous problem that means that Chrome is slowly becoming the next Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft Edge (left) loads YouTube much slower than Chrome (right)

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