How to Get Motivated to Lose Half a Pound a Day (A Health Coach’s Hack)

Last summer, I ran a 20-day experimental program where 513 Western women received a simple, fun, and powerful Asian slimming tip to try out every day. People who followed the program lost an impressive amount of weight naturally. However, the most interesting part was an amazing fact that we found about motivation when it comes to weight loss.

To show you that, I have to tell you about this Teassert Technique included as part of the program. The technique was meant to silence sugar cravings instantly. If you have been trying to lose weight for a while, you would know that it is one of the most difficult challenges among the billions of obese and overweight people in the US. UU

In this article, I will teach you a four part of the system to motivate you to lose weight (while losing weight continuously) without trying.

How the Teassert technique helps you to be motivated to lose weight

How much motivation does it require that a person who has an addiction to sugar abstain himself? of sugar every hour, every day and every year? Conventional wisdom is "a lot."

Now do not be surprised, the foolproof Teassert technique has taken everyone to an amazing shortcut, and that's how it worked:

When you have that donut, put hot green tea On one side, for each bite of the donut, take 3 sips of tea.

The result? You'll stop wanting donuts instantly.

In fact, "teassert" (tea + dessert) It is a millenary tradition in East Asia that is not uncommon in almost every household in China, Korea and Japan. The reason is to use the bitter tastes in green tea to counteract the sugary response of your body, as modern science discovered. [19659012] No surprises, this technique worked magically among my participants, and I kept receiving exciting emails from people saying things like "my 11 year old sugar craving went away overnight"

After, I sent an email to ectronic to all my Teassert users who have fought for the sugar craving for at least 5 years and I asked them: "Was Teassert easy?" 19659014] The answer was unanimous "yes!"

"Do you think you can do it effortlessly every day? "

" HELL! "

Apparently, those who no longer gobbled up sugar managed to drastically reduce their caloric intake Also, the inflammation and toxins in their body drastically decreased, so That is 10 times easier for them to feel satiated at meals and increase energy burning.

And the most important thing? Everything happened automatically because instead of fighting the longing, he was silenced even before he felt .

Almost overnight, the reality of these people has changed.

And that's how the motivation – although traditionally perceived as the king in weight loss: became completely irrelevant.

Part 1. Do this, or jam.

To avoid being trapped by losing weight, you must abandon the "will power game". Explain this Philosophy, let me give you an example:

In the martial arts, the most astute victors conquer -not exhausting their physical power by exerting too much force- but taking advantage of the physical potential of the enemy, the torque and its natural tendency to take it to the drop .

In this way, the victor can reserve his physical energy and energy while remaining calm, grounded and focused on the laser, leaving his opponent weakened by himself in panic, despair and exhaustion.

In fact, that is essentially what we managed to manifest in Teassert. By using the bitter taste in particular types of tea to quench the body's lack of sweets, physical and psychological barriers are automatically eliminated.

You're no longer stressed, depressed or guilty every time you see that chocolate bar. And because it's so easy, the person using Teassert no longer had that crisis of motivation when facing dessert.

In the end, she abandoned the game of willpower, the game where she constantly dieted, counted calories, restricted carbohydrates, used disciplines to judge herself, depriving herself, and never enjoyed a single family meal for years.

Give up the game of willpower

That's what I want to teach you to do too. You can find many good ideas on how to turn the "game of will power" into something simple and pleasant. Teassert would be a great start if you struggle with the sugar craving.

Besides that, there are many good ideas to overcome different struggles. The key is to use the natural physical tendency, instead of the disciplines to channel their behaviors.

For example:

  • Use a bit of chopped ginger in your meals so that you naturally want to eat less because ginger helps you control your appetite instantly.
  • Drinking a cup of water after each meal not only increases the feeling of satiety but also hydrates your body to eliminate toxins, which makes your digestive system healthier and eliminates inflammation. ] Learn how to make sautéed and steamed light dishes so you can enjoy nutrition while eating fewer calories without counting.

These movements seem trivial, but they are part of the life and thinking of a typical healthy person. And when they connect over time, you get the synergy that helps you melt fat while feeling fulfilled and relaxed.

On the contrary, if you keep depriving yourself and fighting against hunger, you have already lost before you start because hunger is an unbeatable natural force.

There will be nothing to save your motivation because no matter what you do, you can not win.

So do not play that "will-power game" to begin with. Instead, use the natural tendency of food, body and emotions to create an experience that nurtures results, confidence and motivation.

Exactly as Sun Tzu taught us 2000 years ago, in Arts of War, excellence lies in winning without entering a battle (不 战 而 善,善 善 善 善 善). This ancient wisdom of the battlefield works in the same way when the biggest opponent you try to outsmart is yourself.

Part 2. The hidden conviction that makes weight loss 100 times more difficult and kills motivation

So I guided you by the idea of ​​how the toughest cravings can be silenced instantly by taking a simple action.

I also told you to avoid the game of will power whenever possible.

And if you're a person from the observatory, you might have felt the connotation behind that: weight loss is not supposed to be a game of will power.

"But losing weight is difficult!"

There seems to be a strong enough social proof for that claim considering how many people have been saying that during all these years of However, look around and ask yourself: how many times does this claim come from people who have actually lost weight? and have they avoided it for years while living as a normal person? "

I bet you do not. [19659050] Is it purely coincidental, or is there a causal relationship, is it not successful losing weight makes you think it's hard, or is it thinking it's hard to make it fail?

] Restore your powerful inner voice

You may already know that your way of thinking your reality, and thinking "it is difficult" can dissuade you and absorb your motivation from the beginning …

However, did you ever realize that in terms of demotivation, the real culprit is the "because" that comes right after the declaration – the hidden conviction that is tacit but overwhelming.

That is especially true for one of my participants of the Sara experiment For more than a decade, Sara told herself "I can not lose weight because of my genes. "And you would know that she was just one part of a whole group of skeptical geniuses through a brief exploration of the main weight loss forums."

By telling herself that this is a problem genetic, Sara has developed a conviction and self-esteem that, although it is radically false, has dominated her for more than 10 years.

She never had any motivation because her "problem" was impossible to solve, she was depressed by this.

Even though she only wanted to lose 20 pounds, she ended up running an additional 2000 miles by questioning her own self for 10 years.

She not only made weight loss 100 times harder but also sabotaged her self-esteem, her pride own and believed in the "disability" that never existed, only by the conviction of a line that created for itself.

Not everyone doubts their gene as Sara did, but you know are affected in a similar way by their p conviction every time thoughts arise like the following:

  • "Maybe my body is supposed to be overweight because I have done so many diets to lose weight but I have never gone anywhere"
    (My Comment: 100% of people who lost weight by depriving themselves recover their weight. Dieting is the dead end. His body is not)
  • "I have been dieting for so long, it will be impossible for me to lose weight because my metabolism is tormented by diet"
    (Where did you learn that?)
  • "I can not lose weight because my whole family is overweight. " [19659065] (What would you say to your children if they have the same belief someday?)
  • "It's hard because I can barely find time for that"
    (Does it really require so much time?) [19659068] "It's difficult because I do not think I deserve to be beautiful. "
    (Really? Who told you that, beautiful?)

You see the words behind each "why" and how much they sound to be true. But most of the time they are not the truth, and they only exist because we tend to justify a thought with something that we can not let go. When there is conviction, the motivation dies.

The key point: do not fall into convictions. But if you are already guilty, this is your solution in the next section.

"But wait a moment, Leslie, you still have not told me why losing weight is not difficult, even if each person says it's hard!"

Because conventional wisdom is always wrong. That's why people who diet 100% recover what they lose through diet. Are you playing the "game of will power?"

Part 3. How to relaunch motivation in a single step

So, how did Sara break free from her belief that her genes were the unstoppable force she held? your back, which allowed you to regain your motivation and lose an effortless size in just 3 weeks?

Through a test.

When he managed to lose his first 5 pounds in two weeks with the Teassert Technique, the conviction that his gene made it impossible to lose weight quickly and broke into pieces suddenly.

It only took him two weeks to overthrow the self-esteem he has been living for 10 years! The curse had disappeared and his motivation soared at that moment.

This is what I want to share with you in this section:

To increase motivation, you need to level up your experience quickly win ! The key is to address the correct wins because otherwise, you will feel even more frustrated weeks after weeks.

What will it be like as a quick victory?

"Losing 5 lbs in 2 weeks like Sara!" – You say it enthusiastically.

Sure, I do not disagree with you about that because it's possible. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: REAL weight loss is a byproduct of a set of good eating and living patterns, just as an attractive transcript is a byproduct of intelligence and work hard.

And by the way, Sara did not lose 5 lbs (and later, 23 lbs in total) because she made it her goal. Instead, he lost weight by learning to distance himself intuitively from added sugar; that is a skill that will help you to reduce the kilos of continuous form and will last all the time that you live.

That's why he lost 5 lbs, without effort. Are you going to diet to lose 5 pounds feeling deprived, or are you going to do this in a more secure, pleasant and meaningful way?

Now, let me take you as another example:

When I lost my first 14 pounds during a vacation in my home in China, without a crazy diet but living the life of a normal person, that was quite satisfying and healthy. It gave me enormous confidence because I knew that this could be carried out easily in the long term.

I will not have to worry about regaining weight because I did not lose weight in the first place. That made it even more promising. Then, my pure focus / quick victory became if I was following the conclusions I learned from that experience. While I was, I was happy.

To summarize: the motivation that Sara and I have won was not because we lost 5 pounds or 14 pounds. We were motivated because we knew we could really lose weight quickly the way we did. No doubts.

So, what could be the target quick wins right for you?

Establish the correct specific fast wins

It has to be something that makes you feel safe, thinking that "I am capable of doing this." It can not be another dead end like those twenty-something diets that you have already gone through.

Everyone's situation is different, but here let me introduce you some ideas so you can chew:

  • How about learning? control? If you've been dealing with sugar cravings for years, you should be excited to find yourself easily leaving that brownie after the first bite without thinking twice, right? Maybe use Teassert since it is a great technique that gives you the gain and gratuity immediately.
  • How about building comfort? Instead of aiming to run 5K / day and exhaust yourself, would not it be more fun to learn to make a fast, delicious and healthy recipe that you enjoy?
  • How about the convenience of attacking? Instead of banning carbohydrates knowing that it will bring you back to the square too soon, would not it be more promising to start eliminating progressively the consumption of soft drinks by reducing by 50% first

In short, what you are doing is create an experience of a series of wins vs. defeats

Take my words for granted: you're guaranteed to see quick results on the scale when you start making these easy changes in a structured and consistent way.

Why? Because, like all human beings, if you live healthy, you become healthy and lose weight. The difference is how to make the change process easy, fluid and sustainable.

Part 4. How to revive motivation when "things do not work!"

I know how stressful it is in general to find things that I have given a lot of hope that they are not working. In weight loss, it is even more discouraging because it always triggers a deep and resonant doubt:

"What's wrong with me?"

Then you feel stuck and paralyzed, not knowing what to do next.

I & # 39; I like to have the following conversation with people who pull their hair when they find that things do not work.

  • Me: Do you think there is any possibility that you can be an exception to all human beings and challenge universal physics and biological rules? and not have a healthy body when you make your meals 50% of vegetables in serving size, eat in balance, cut junk food, reduce added sugar, stop overeating, eat much fewer calories (not counting), clean your body inflammation, and improve your digestive system?
  • Ella: No.
  • Me: So, what worries you?
  • She: I do not know. I guess I'm stressed because I'm not losing 5 pounds a week since I used to be on Diet X. So I thought it was not working.
  • Me: It means that you are not rushing to another fault with steady and steady progress. And you do not like that?

Generally, that line ends the problem.

Alternatively, the person may realize that he is not doing things right to begin with. She has been playing this "game of willpower" that causes her mind and body to rebel throughout long-term deprivation.

She has been in the way of self-sabotage, which is a dead end. And his current results, compared to all his sacrifices, are not dramatic enough to make him feel worthy. Therefore, it is unmotivated.

If that is the case, this conversation will make her rethink her focus and focus on a renewed mind.

Having a clear plan in your mind

One of the most common scenarios where people lose motivation is when they feel trapped and do not know what the next step is. In this case, whatever the direction of the conversation, there is always a plan and a solution: either you realize that you have been doing things right to move on, or you see an immediate opportunity to fix things that do not work. I do not work for you.

Having a plan is the recipe for a thriving motivation. Then, when you feel frustrated that "things do not work", make this self-verification dialogue with yourself and see where it leads you.

Summing it up

In this article, I have walked you through a four-part system to have infinite motivation (while losing weight continuously) without trying.

The individual parts of the system are deeply interconnected with each other. And they are the bones and they give you the main direction for everything else you can use to increase your motivation.

In addition to showing you the four basic principles for a thriving motivation, I did not touch many of the quick motivation hacks. Currently, you can find it anywhere on the Internet, for example, find a partner of responsibility, make a list of thanks, meditate every morning and things like that.

In fact, you should be careful when using these tips. If you are making efforts in the wrong direction, for example, a diet of self-sabotage, the application of these tips will only accelerate failures and frustration and lead to deeper and deeper emotional confusion.

That's why we need to focus on the basics by creating a system in which we will never be deprived of motivation to start. The first step, if you still remember, is to avoid excess exhaustion when it is unnecessary.

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