How to Forward SMS from iPhone to Another Contact

In the latest version of iOS, the forwarding of SMS, text messages and iMessage is hidden somewhere in the functions of the application. Now you will have to make some additional touches to find the exact advance button on iPhone.

After each major release of iOS, Apple also makes changes to native applications. The same is the case with the application of messages. In the initial versions of iOS, the forward button was in one touch. But in recent updates such as iOS 11 and iOS 12, it is available in the features of the application.

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How to forward SMS from your iPhone to any other telephone contact [19659006] The following are the simple steps you can follow to know how to send SMS / messages from your iPhone to any other contact, regardless of which phone model you are currently using.

Step 1: Turn on the message application on your iPhone.

 Open the message application "width =" 300 "height =" 533 "srcset =" https: // 300w, ent / uploads / 2018/08 / open-messages-68x120.jpg 68w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px [19659003] Step 2: Open the conversation thread that contains the message you want to forward to another party.

Step 3: Go to the specific SMS.

Step 4: Press and hold that specific message for 1-2 seconds until you see new options appear.

Step 5: Tap "More" as shown in the screenshot below.

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Step 6: The selected SMS will receive a blue mark and you will see a forward arrow in the right corner of the message application.

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Step 7 : Touch the forward arrow and the selected message will be transferred to the "New message" screen.

Step 8: In the "To:" section, tap the "plus sign in a circle" and select the contact you want to resend the SMS You can manually enter the recipient's phone number at this stage.

Step 9: Tap the up arrow button in the body section of the message to send the SMS from your iPhone to that contact.

How to send several SMS from iPhone to any other number

Following the steps mentioned above, you can also forward several messages to another phone number.

You must perform an additional step after step number 6. When the selected message gets the blue mark, select the number of messages you want to send from your iPhone.

However, you should be aware that you can select messages only from the current conversation thread. You can not go back and choose new messages from another sender.

After selecting all messages from the same thread, simply follow the rest of the procedure to complete the process.

How to resend SMS to multiple recipients

You can also forward selected messages to multiple recipients at the same time.

When you reach step 8, touch the button with the circle again after selecting the first contact number and you can enter a new contact to the list of recipients. By repeating the same step, you can forward the same text message to multiple recipients.


There is another way to send the text message to another number without using this iPhone forwarding feature. In this case, touch and hold the message, but instead of pressing "More", select the "copy" option. The selected message will be copied to the clipboard.

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Now open the New Message, or open the recipient's conversation thread and paste the contents of the SMS in the message writing area.

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