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We all look for ways to advance our expenses to keep our budgets under control. One way to save a few dollars to make purchases or give gifts to your friends and loved ones is through Amazon gift cards. There are many different ways to get these cards for free.

Although they will not make you rich, a little bit of saving helps. We all like a bit of a side hurry! Think of it as one of the many weapons in your arsenal to earn money online. We have compiled a list of ways to earn free Amazon gift cards and have organized them into different categories to make it easier to choose the ones that might work best for you.

Searching for browsing habits

Your browsing habits provide important information to businesses and organizations. Although some social networking sites can sell this information without your consent (we are not naming any names), others pay for the data they get from their browsing habits. The sites and applications listed below reward you with Amazon gift cards for the information they collect.


All you have to do to get a MobileXpression gift card is to install your software on your phone or iPad and let it collect data. The software monitors your browsing habits, but does not record your calls or personal messages. By allowing the software to run for two weeks, you can earn up to a $ 10 gift card. You can earn more if you leave it on for longer. Keep in mind that the application will reduce the speed of your navigation.


Similar in its function is Qmee, which is a browser extension that installs on your computer. While browsing, your Qmee extension will send pop-up sponsored ads. With each ad that you click, you make a few cents. It does not have very fast results, but you have the option to participate in surveys to increase your profits. You can withdraw money with a gift card once you reach $ 5 or withdraw any amount to your PayPal account.

Cross Media Panel

Another extension of the data monitoring browser is the Cross Media Panel (which used to be Screenwise Trends). This extension is owned by Google and is designed to monitor your browsing behavior. Users usually earn up to $ 3 per week. Payments with gift cards have a profit level of $ 5, $ 10 or $ 25.

Conducting surveys and product trials

Another way to earn gift cards is by participating in various surveys and trials of products. This method requires a little more effort and consumes more time than the ones just mentioned, but you can increase your income level faster and get those Amazon gift cards sooner.


You can load more than just surveys in Swagbucks, which I will cover later in the publication, but as one of the first and best online survey websites that appear on the web, I thought I would include them first in she is ready. Sign up and start earning Amazon gift cards through quick and easy surveys.

Product Report Card

You can evaluate the products you have used or currently use with the Product Report Card. All you have to do is create an account and start taking surveys. The Product Report Card will reimburse you with Amazon gift cards and other free products, which will help you save on your purchases.

Harris Survey

One of the oldest leading research companies in the world is the Harris Survey. They are experts in collecting data on current events and consumption habits. Harris Poll allows you to earn points for each survey you participate in and even hosts prize draws in cash to encourage participation. It is one of the few places that will allow teenagers to participate. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards or other rewards.


With PrizeRebel you can earn points to get an Amazon gift card within ten seconds of registering. You earn points by seeing ads, participating in product tests and conducting surveys. PrizeRebel will allow you to redeem your points for only a $ 2 gift card, which is the lowest threshold between the survey sites.

Survey Spot

Registering in Survey Spot allows you to earn points for conducting surveys, and then allows you to redeem those points in various ways, such as:

• Amazon gift cards.
• iTunes credit.
• PayPal payment.
• Frequent airline aviation miles

Another benefit of the survey site is its $ 10,000 prize draw held each quarter.


If you want to give your opinion about movies, people, current events or various brands, YouGov will pay you up to 250 points for each survey you take. You are allowed to redeem your points once they reach $ 5,000 or $ 50. The big part of this site is that they give you a boost by awarding a bonus of 2,000 points for signing up.

Survey Junkie

An excellent way to participate in surveys through Survey Junkie is to receive your daily invitations and complete them to go out every day. This is an advantage over most sites, which only send you a few surveys a week or a couple of times a month. You can earn points and redeem them for an Amazon $ 10 gift card when you've earned that level.

Ipsos Ipsos

You can receive payments for testing products and answering surveys in Ipsos Ipsos. In addition to earning points to participate in surveys and product testing, you also earn a 600-year end-of-year loyalty bonus, which you can redeem for an Amazon $ 5 gift card along with your other points. Other discounts and holiday bonuses are also presented through this site.

American Consumer Opinion

If you want to earn more for your opinions or product tests, you will be impressed by the fact that American Consumer Opinion pays up to $ 50 per survey Product testing and opinion polls are a little more These surveys have higher payouts, but you can still earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards by participating in these programs.

Global Test Market

Since 2014, more than $ 32 Millions of awards have been awarded to members who complete surveys for the Global Test Market. A wide variety of topics are covered, from movies to current events, and you will find a wide selection available to choose from. This is one of the few places where you can participate outside the US UU The points you earn can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or other prizes.


A cross between a social media platform and the Toluna polling site is becoming a popular place to participate in product testing and surveys while interacting with other members. Toluna has a little over 10 million members to interact. You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards or cash.


Start with an explosion by signing up for iPoll, which pays up to $ 5 per survey and gives you a $ 5 sign-up bonus. With a big boost, you could earn $ 10 after completing your first survey. Amazon gift cards are one of the options by which you can redeem your balance and with each survey you enter your $ 10,000 quarterly drawing. It is also available to those in a wider range of countries outside the US. UU

Test Turn

If you are interested in earning up to $ 600 in Amazon gift cards within a year, then Test Spin is a survey site to consider. In addition to participating in surveys, you can also help through test websites. The surveys pay up to $ 10 each and participation in focus groups can earn you up to $ 30 each.

Knowledge Panel

Each weekly survey you do in the Knowledge Panel pays $ 1, which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards once you've reached at least $ 5. This site also gives you a boost to Grant a $ 10 bonus after you have done your first survey for 10 to 15 minutes. The only drawback is that you can only participate if you receive an invitation code.


Online surveys can also earn reward points on NiceQuest, which allows you to redeem your points for Amazon gift cards and other products. . Following them on your social networks also allows you to participate in member-only contests to earn additional bonus points.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another survey site that you should keep in mind. Most of your surveys take about 10 minutes to complete and you are well rewarded for your participation. You can redeem points for gift cards or cash once your balance has reached $ 5. You also have a $ 10,000 quarterly prize draw for which you earn a free entry with each survey you complete.

Application testing

Another way in which developers and researchers collect data is through application testing. If you're a fan of the apps, then you might be interested in earning reward points, which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, by testing apps. These are some of the sites where you can test applications and receive rewards for doing so.


One application test site you should consider is Bananatic. Its main focus is on game applications where you can earn points for playing and testing. Those points can be exchanged for masks and other rewards in the game or you can accumulate them and redeem them for Amazon gift cards as well. The more you use the application, the more your level will increase, which will allow you to obtain a greater number of points for each activity in which you participate.

Gift Bag

Android and iOS users can try the applications in the gift portfolio. Although test applications are your main focus, you can also earn points by watching videos and completing additional tasks online. Reward coins can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards of $ 3, $ 5 or $ 10 or you can use them for iTunes or Google Play credits.


When you download and test mobile apps with AppNana, you get paid. The applications that you like, you can save them, but those that do not drive you crazy can eliminate them to earn points for your opinion. You can use your balance to buy apps or exchange it for Amazon gift cards.


You can also earn reward points by watching app trailers and videos on AppTrailers. Uploading your own videos also allows you to earn additional points. Your points can be redeemed for various products, as well as Amazon gift cards.

Amazon related activities

Since our goal is to get free Amazon gift cards, why not go to the source? Amazon offers a wide variety of activities in which you can participate and earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards of various denominations. These are some of the activities related to Amazon for which you can be rewarded.

Promote Amazon products on your website

Amazon affiliate links are a way to earn some extra money if you own a blog or website. Every time one of the visitors to your site clicks on your link and buys products on Amazon, you earn a reward. You can get what you earn in cash or you can receive your reward in the form of an Amazon gift card. All you have to do is create an Amazon Associates account and follow the instructions.

Other resources you might want to read are my guide on how to create an Amazon website, as well as my EasyAzon review, which is an excellent tool to help you generate Amazon links and get images for reviews of your products.

Amazon Mturk

A creative way to make a little extra money is completing tasks at Amazon Mturk. Most tasks take only a few minutes, include activities such as surveys, data entry and web research. Most surveys are related to university studies and have a more personal approach than questions about brands and products. It's free and you can receive your rewards in cash or with gift cards.

Amazon Trade-In

Did you know that Amazon sponsors its own garage sale? Okay, it's not exactly a garage sale, but the Amazon swap shop lets you exchange items you no longer need or use, even items you did not buy from Amazon in the first place. Buy products such as:

• Video games and gaming platforms
• Kindle E readers
• Books
• DVDs
• Tablets
• Music
• Wireless devices
• Smart Watches

If you are upgrading your devices, this is a great way to earn some money or an Amazon gift card to buy the new item you are interested in. [19659005] Recharge the balance of your Amazon gift card

One of the best ways to get an additional cash bonus is when you reload your Amazon balance. Not only can you recharge using cash, but you can also redeem the gift cards you earned elsewhere to top up your balance.

Amazon Coupons

You can also receive immediate discounts with an Amazon coupon, but some offers include Amazon gift codes for the purchase of selected items. When you buy in categories such as groceries, health and beauty, you have the best chance to find products with these gift codes, which reward you with a free Amazon gift card.

Elite Deal Club

You can also try out Amazon products with joining Elite Deal Club. There are a couple of ways you can win using this program. You get trial products for a fraction of their regular price and the reviews you post will give you an Amazon gift card. More than 390,000 product testers use this program to test products and get rewards from Amazon.

Multiple Activities Programs

Some sites focus primarily on doing surveys, testing applications, buying or testing products. However, some rewards programs allow you to participate in a wider variety of activities from which you can reap rewards. If you have multiple interests and a lot of time on your hands, you can also win many prizes by participating in activities on these sites.


Your opinion is also valuable in InboxDollars. You will earn cash to conduct surveys, watch videos, play games and shop online. You also earn bonuses every time you refer friends and you even earn a bonus from the friends they refer to as well. You'll get a pretty good boost towards an Amazon gift card with your $ 5 registration bonus.

Earning Station

Another all-in-one activities platform to consider is Earning Station. As in Swagbucks, you are paid for almost all the activities you participate online. The best part of participating in these activities is that you already do most of them and they do not reward you for it. Your streak bonus pays a minimum of $ .025 for ten consecutive days of activity. Those who maintain their winning streak can earn up to $ 3.50 as a bonus.


The GC in instaGC means gift cards, which is what you will earn for the activities in which you participate on your site. The activities you can participate in include completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and listening to music. You can withdraw your points for as little as $ 1. As a result, you have the potential to earn an Amazon $ 1 gift card every day.


One of the best known and most commented online is Swagbucks. This site offers you the opportunity to participate in the widest variety of activities for which you will get rewards, including:

• Online shopping.
• Complete surveys.
• Product testing.
• Web search.
• Games.

In addition to these activities, you can earn reward points for watching videos and completing a variety of micro-tasks as well. The attraction of Swagbucks is that you earn points for doing things you already do, but you can increase those gains by expanding and adding some short activities every day. You can redeem your points for as little as $ 3 for an Amazon gift card.


The sister site of Swagbucks is a site called MyPoints. Undoubtedly, she is the little sister of Swagbucks, since what she earns for various activities pays a little less than what she would earn on the big brother's site. But it's worth spending time to join both sites and participate in the activity with the best offer every day.


Another site that gives you rewards for participating in various online activities is CashCrate. Although it focuses mainly on surveys, you can also try several offers and play games to win. There is an additional bonus available for friends who refer.

Microsoft Rewards

Another option to win Amazon gift cards is through participation in Microsoft Rewards. To start, you earn rewards by making Bing your default search engine. After making that change, you earn 5 points in each search. Bonus points can be earned by participating in daily tests and participating in the daily offers that are presented. Once you have earned 5,000 points, you can use those points to redeem an Amazon $ 5 gift card. So, unless you're married to Google for some reason, it's worth joining Microsoft Rewards and searching with Bing.


There are three different ways to earn reward points with Shopkick, which include:

• Scan barcodes at various stores and upload them to the site.
• See online stores and record the prices at which their products are offered.
• When watching videos.

You earn a bonus point for making a purchase, but it is not required to earn rewards. If you like to buy and / or watch videos, this is an easy way to start earning points to get free Amazon gift cards pretty quickly.


Although its name suggests that its main focus is to buy, Points2Shop is the most Alternative comparable to the Swagbucks reward program. On this site, you are also paid for the various online activities that are already involved and you can redeem your points for gift cards or you can use your points when you pay at Amazon. You must be 18 years of age to participate without the consent of the parents (for adolescents over 13 years old) and you must live in the USA. UU., Canada or the United Kingdom

> CheckPoints

Both mystery shopping and participation in surveys are activities that can earn reward points in CheckPoints. In addition, games are another way to earn bonus points, which can be redeemed on gift cards or other merchandise.


Purchases are one of the ways in which companies and organizations analyze various aspects of their operations. Consequently, shopping reward programs do a great job of rewarding their participants. These are some of the various programs that offer rewards that can be redeemed on Amazon gift cards for purchases.

Nielsen National Consumer Panel

You may already know Nielson, who provides ratings for radio and television programs, but does more than collect data on media consumption. However, the Neilsen National Consumer Panel platform allows you to earn rewards for purchases. All you need to get rewards is to scan the barcodes of the products you usually buy and then provide the survey with the price you paid for each product and then answer some questions about each product to add some bonus points. You can earn loyalty bonuses by participating weekly without missing a week.


To earn rewards for buying groceries, Ibotta is one of the best deals. You earn rewards for taking a photo of your receipts and sending them to the website. Your receipts can be:

• Convenience stores
• Restaurants
• Grocery stores
• Pharmacies
• Purchase of mobile devices with major retailers online.

In addition to providing coupons to save money on grocery items, you can redeem your rewards for cash or Amazon gift cards. In addition, you get a pretty good boost to start with the welcome bonus of $ 10 that you provide when you register.


You can make money on almost everything you buy online at Honey. Your gold feature rewards you with up to 15% cash back when you make an online purchase. That money can be exchanged for an Amazon gift card if you wish. Honey also shows you the best prices on Amazon and often directs you to a less expensive option from third-party vendors. When you shop online, Honey also applies all known discount codes to get the best possible price for what you buy.


Those who make a healthier decision when buying food will benefit from the BerryCart app. You can earn points for foods that are:

• Organic
• Without GMO
• Gluten Free

All that is required is to take a picture of your receipt inside the BerryCart app to win prizes To choose a healthier lifestyle. Your reward points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.


According to surveys, the most generous cash back site is TopCashback. With this program, you can earn up to 40% cash back on purchases made at any of the more than 3,500 stores. TopCashback has a wide variety of redemption options to choose from, but you get a 3% bonus every time you redeem your points for Amazon gift cards. The redemption threshold even allows you to obtain an Amazon $ 1 gift card if you wish.


Mysterious shoppers will enjoy the Mobee rewards app. All you have to do is accept mysterious shopping missions to stores within your local area. After visiting the store, you answer ten questions about your visit. Your honest opinion about your experience gives you reward points that can be redeemed in cash, merchandise or gift cards.


Another flexible receipt scanning application, which gives you shopping rewards, is Punchcard. With some applications, only certain receipts from the store give you credit, but with this application all your receipts are eligible for rewards and all receipts have the same value. Your points can be redeemed for gift cards or you can participate in contests to increase your profits.

Receipt Hog

You earn coins for in-store purchases each time you use Receipt Hog. They focus mainly on paying scanned receipts, but can increase their profits by participating in paid surveys and also participating in contests.


To earn rewards using Drop, install the application on your device and then link a credit or debit card to make the most convenient purchases. You earn cash prizes that you can use in your online store or redeem them for Amazon gift cards. Not only is it free to join, you can earn additional rewards by linking several cards so that each purchase purchases count towards your rewards.

Field Agent

A final rewards program, which allows you to earn mystery shopping points, is Field Agent. Join creating a profile and start accepting missions to buy in your local area. You will be assigned several tasks to complete while shopping and you will have to answer some questions about your experience to earn rewards. Most missions pay around $ 12 once completed. They also have another fun way to earn rewards, by allowing you to occasionally participate in the treasure hunt. You can exchange the rewards you earn for cash, merchandise or gift cards.

Other Activities

Most of the programs and sites we mentioned have a specific focus or multiple areas from which you can get rewards. There are programs through which you can get rewards and Amazon gift cards that come from concentrating participation in a wide variety of other activities. We will finish with a list of those programs.

You can earn points by watching commercials, movie trailers and other short videos on All you have to do is register and start reviewing them. Your points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.


Along with watching videos and commercials, the Viggle app allows you to charge for watching TV. The application also allows you to earn rewards by watching on-demand streaming from sites such as Hulu or Netflix as well. During commercial breaks, you can respond to show questions and questions related to questions and answers. In addition, Viggle will also pay to play video games.

Job Spotter

One of the easiest and most community-oriented rewards applications is Job Spotter. To win rewards, all you have to do is take pictures of the signs that need help you find in the store windows while you are away from home. For each sign, you earn $ .050 to $ 1. Your rewards are better when you take pictures of those darker handwritten signs than with notices from large chain stores. In addition to earning rewards for you, you are helping others find employment. That makes winning that Amazon gift card something that you can feel good about.


If you like to play scratch cards, you can enjoy this application, which allows you to win prizes by playing free digital scratch cards. Obviously, there are no guarantees when it comes to winning and winning points and prizes, some of which are Amazon gift cards, but it's always fun to try and it's worth a try. You must download Lucktastic for iOS or Android to participate.


You may be surprised to learn that you can rent your phone's lock screen. Why would you want to do that? The Slidejoy app shows you an ad every time you unlock your phone to use it. If you're interested in the ad, you can explore it more or just discard it if you're not interested. In any case, you will receive the same reward points every time you unlock your phone, regardless of whether you scan the ad or not. Its only drawback is that it is only available for Android users.


By turning everything around, Listia allows you to receive reward points for selling items instead of buying. This unique turn to reward programs allows you to redeem the points you earn by buying Amazon gift cards. Linking to your social media accounts will also allow you to earn bonus points for interacting with other Listia members, and you can get even more bonus points for friends who refer.

Another community way to win Amazon gift cards are through donations of plasma, platelets or blood. Many local blood donation campaigns reward donors with a $ 25 gift card. This is certainly a way you can get a gift card, but it can also save a life in the process.

Participate in medical experiments

Local medical research studies sometimes offer Amazon gift cards as a way to reward those who participate in their panels and experiments. These types of studies are more common in areas where there is a university with a branch of medical school. Puede preguntarle a su hospital local si hay estudios en curso o planificados para los cuales sería un buen sujeto de prueba.


Otra forma de obtener esas tarjetas de regalo de Amazon sin dejar de ser consciente de la comunidad y el medio ambiente es a través de Socios de Recyclebank. Al reciclar diversos materiales, puede ganar puntos que pueden canjearse por tarjetas de regalo de diversos tipos.

Promociones locales

Ocasionalmente, puede encontrar promociones especiales en tiendas locales. Estas promociones suelen regalar tarjetas de regalo por orden de llegada, hasta que se agoten. No siempre serán tarjetas de regalo de Amazon, pero a veces puedes tener suerte. Además, hay tiendas que ofrecen programas de recompensas o bonos en la tienda, que a veces te permitirán canjear tus puntos en tarjetas de regalo en lugar de efectivo o descuentos.


No te harás rico ganando recompensas Apunta hacia las tarjetas de regalo de Amazon. Sin embargo, al ganar esas tarjetas de regalo, puede ahorrar dinero en los productos que compra haciendo sus compras en Amazon o le permiten tener siempre un regalo a mano, en caso de que olvide alguna ocasión especial o no sepa qué obtener de su amigo o amigo. ser amado. Elige los diversos programas que se ajustan a tu estilo de vida habitual o te interesan, y comienza a ganar esos premios y tarjetas de regalo hoy.

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