How Perfectionism is Holding You Back (and How to Let Go)

Perfectionism always sounded like a positive word to me.

After all, what could be better than being perfect?

I can not think of any situation in which something could be more than perfect. However, in reality, perfectionism is a real problem because it prevents people from sharing with the world the most imperfect (but still amazing!) Things they create.

Are you stuck in perfectionism? It's time to let it go. In this article you will learn the benefits of embracing imperfection and how to do it will give you a beautiful feeling of freedom.

Let go and reap the benefits

Almost all the wonderful inventions we celebrate today began in a perfect way.

The first iPhone, the first Space X rocket and the first electric car went out in a less than perfect state. However, people still loved them. People still bought or invested in them. As each iteration of these products came out, they improved, so much so that if you compare the latest iPhone X with the first generation iPhone, you would immediately declare that the first iPhone was not perfect.

The first iPhone, the first Space X rocket and the first electric car was a work in progress.

Of course they were not perfect, but in general, they worked and people enjoyed them immensely. Once they were in the market, the comments arrived and that helped to improve the products. Imagine if the Space X Falcon 1 had not been launched; Would we have seen the impressive release of Falcon Heavy?

The lessons learned from the first launch of Space X led to improvements in the next release. And now, in 2018 we have a Tesla Roadster orbiting our sun. If the SpaceX engineers were worried about being perfect, none of this would have happened. They would still be working on the Falcon 1 rocket.

And that is the problem of perfectionism: it prevents you from achieving many things that you have the ability to achieve. It prevents you from sharing your ideas, your work and your trade with the world, so that you never benefit from the comments necessary to improve; This means that the world will not benefit from the incredible things you are capable of doing.

Here are five tips you can use to get away from your perfectionism so that the world can benefit from the work you do.

All Great Things Started Imperfect

Most likely, our first attempts at something are not perfect.

It takes time to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve perfection, and even then, it could probably be improved. That should not stop you, rather this idea should encourage you. In each round, in each attempt, you will improve. The goal is not to have a perfect version.

The objective is to create something that works, something that resonates with people, and something that will improve with time and patience and continuous effort to improve it.

Don & # 39; t Fret Feedback

Too often people hold their ideas and opinions because they think their idea or opinion is stupid.

No idea or opinion is stupid.

All the great ideas started somewhere. The best ideas were uncovered so that other people could provide comments and criticize them. This is precisely how great ideas begin through comments, ideas evolve and improve. Holding your idea or product until you have perfected it only guarantees that it will never be perfect.

You need the comments to improve it. Even if you find that your idea is perfect, the perception of another person can give you a new perspective on ways to improve. Or that criticism may be what you need to motivate you! Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, said that when he told people about his idea to start CNN, everyone laughed at him. When that happened, he knew he had a good idea.

Perfectionism is really just fear

The truth behind perfectionism is that it is a form of fear.

This fear is very likely to criticize or dislike your idea. The worst you can imagine is that your idea will be a total failure and that you will fail.

The good thing about fear is that it is a mental state, not a physical one. Any fear, especially irrational fears about perfection, can be changed and overcome by analyzing why one is afraid in the first place and recognizing the worst case of a "less than perfect" idea.

Once you realize that the worst thing that could happen is that someone criticizes your work, then you will understand that it really is nothing to fear; in fact, criticism is a fantastic tool to help your idea improve! This is where you learn what others think can be improved, so that your idea attracts a wider audience and gains more traction with others.

Failure is really fabulous

Watch any great business person and you will see a career full of failure.

Steve Jobs failed in almost everything he tried until he returned to Apple in 1997. Elon Musk has had more failures than most people experience in his life. However, these two pioneers never gave up. They continued creating, producing and advancing despite their setbacks.

Life is a ninety percent failure and ten percent failure.

What matters is ten percent. Ninety percent is necessary so you can get ten percent success. Then, accept all the faults as part of your trip.

Life is not perfect

We are not born perfect and we will not die perfect.

In fact, perfection is more or less a myth. [19659002] What one person can find perfect, another will not agree. This is how it is. Life is about successes and failures, and that is how we grow and become better people, just as our ideas improve from repeated failures. We live and make mistakes and as we do it, we learn and improve.

We will never be perfect and that is how it should be; If everyone were perfect, then it would be a very boring world. The imperfections are what makes you who you are and make you interesting and unique. Celebrate your faults and imperfections.

Perfection is imperfect

If you feel that perfectionism is difficult to achieve, you are not alone.

Nobody, no idea, is perfect. Accept the idea that striving to give your best is good enough and will eventually lead you down a bright path. If you have a perfectionist vein, try to let it go, and embrace the process of making your idea come out into the world, instead of focusing on the end result.

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