Hilariously Disturbing Photos Of Bearded Men Looking Straight Up

Oh boredom, the creativity you can get in some people. Internet users with beards have found a new challenge: look up and take a picture. It sounds simple, but the results are fun.

It turns out that men with beards who take these strangely angled shots create some pretty weird photos. Some of the results are simply annoying, while others end up looking like real people and fictional characters. This trend really plays tricks on your eyes.

Take a look at these 12 types that let boredom overtake them.

1) It seems that this guy put the shirt back to get an additional effect. If you look at it for enough time, you will see that it begins to look like the back of a man's head. He lacks a neck, but he has a killer mohawk.

2) As you can see, a sharpie and some accessories can go a long way. Does this look like someone familiar to you? Reddit users have indicated that it resembles the character of the Muppets, Beaker.

3) Oh, how fast a knob can turn into a Mohawk. That "hairstyle" probably does not even need gel. It looks like the back of a super-furry baby's head. Very rare.

4) If the concept itself does not seem strange enough to you, these next-level photoshop skills will pursue your dreams. Do you remember the Coneheads? This must be the terrifying new generation of alien visitors.

5) It seems that men with a little more hair can get quite unique results. Does this guy remind you of some half human, half giant you can meet? Because I'm getting vibes from Harry Potter. It's Hagrid!

6) Cousin Itt? It could be you? I think the character of the Addams family might have forgotten to straighten their hair. And where are your glasses and your top hat? You can not fool us, sir.

7) Look at this masterpiece. When Photoshop and accessories are simply not your thing, this is what it is all about, a sharpie and an "artist". It does not take much to make the Internet laugh.

8) Ch-ch-ch-chia! If you do not have time or patience to cultivate your own Chia pet, you can cultivate something similar in your face. Without irrigation, without food, only grooming.

9) Emojis, the best from sliced ​​bread. Who would have thought that we would see one of these "creatures" that would give us nightmares? This little "neck man" is adorable.

10) Men with red beards seem to like this trend. A famous redhead comes to mind with this picture. Throw some glasses on this guy's neck and it would look like Ed Sheeran.

11) Call the fire trucks! The smoke that comes out of this guy's mouth gives the illusion that the hair on his neck is burning.

12) This is a public service announcement for all men who want to try this, do not do it if you are beardless. If you do, you'll end up looking like a … well, I think you can come to your own conclusion.

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