HBO is reportedly turning George R.R. Martin’s worst book into a Game of Thrones spinoff

HBO's first development under development Game of Thrones Preliminary articles continue to wait for news, but premium cable networks don't seem to stop here. A new report by Deadline claims that this time the second prequel series (Martin's virtual history book, detailing the [Fire and Blood] Targaryen dynasty) is approaching a pilot command.

The Game of Thrones ended last early this year, but HBO was already working hard to make suggestions for more than 5 prequel and spinoff ideas before the last season's hot take finished cooling. .

“Golden Age of Heroes” by Jane Goldman and pre-quarque, published thousands of years ago by original authors and books by George RR Martin Early this summer. In May (just before the end of the show), Martin said that two or more ideas are still underway on his blog and get closer to more specific content. “Some users Fire & Blood. "The graphics of Michele Doying / The Verge

Deadline say the new Fire and Blood series is the second attempt to modify Martin's novel. Colony Co-creator Ryan Condal is a former game of thrones following the initial attempt by the author Bryan Cogman to modify the novel presented by HBO [19655957] Fire and Blood for sure … Thrones for the show Unlike the Goldman series (Martin called Long Night ), Fire and Blood recorded a chronology of 300 years just before the events of Game of Thrones It begins with the conqueror Aegon, the first Targaryen king of Westeros, who conquered Westeros with his brothers, and fans will be recognized as the father of Daenerys, associated with the last of King Targaryen.

Fire and Blood How many The first is unfinished: Martin wrote only the first two books planned in this series, dealt with in the next 157 Dynasty Aegon I. (The last targaren ruler who had a living dragon up to the Great Nary.) Igon III's rules will come back in about 150 years.) And who saw the end of the game of thrones now the unfinished Martin series is a difficult prospect.

but the biggest problem is [Fire and Blood] ] is too boring This book is written as an ancient book of space history presumably written by Archmaester Gyldayn, and Edward Gibbon (Edward Gibbon) The decline and fall of the Roman Empire, is a wonderful history set on the background. Yes) but not exactly interesting reading. It is also 700 pages long, providing a reading experience similar to writing through a college history textbook, except for the actual record . . The events of fire and blood are theoretically thrilling. Aegon's Dragon Fuel Conquest, Succession Crisis, Dragons vs. Dragons Targaryen Civil War Called "Dragon Dance", the HBO is a major change in style and tone in a dry dust book if you want to create an engaging television. Also, the later dynasties (again not yet written by Martin) were already Star Wars and [HarryPotter franchise.

If the HBO takes a more anthology approach, it's manageable but there's a much longer period. For example, the Fire and Blood show can coordinate one monarch's reign in one season and then move on to the next level. Such a strategy could also help the network avoid paying the balloon actor, which helped the throne become one of the most expensive performances ever broadcast.

All of this is still in its infancy. Deadline reports that the pilot may be close to ordering and is not a guarantee of any kind. Even if the pilot is shot, there is no promise that the HBO will actually move on to the whole series. But with Martin attached to the arena, arranging the actual book, and the considerable amount of money associated with the Game of Thrones brand, Fire and Blood appears on TV screens a few years later.

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