I do not know about you, but here at AP, we're big fans of Google Photos. Ryne routinely calls it "Google's best product to date," and everyone on the team loves to use it. Of course, it is not perfect, but it is a very good product in general and it seems that more than three years have passed since Photos debuted.

David Lieb is the product leader of Google Photos.

Before Google Photos, image storage can be pretty fucked up. Sure, there were automatic photo backup services you could use from your phone, but they were not well integrated with your gallery and your phone in general. Photos has provided millions of people with free high quality photo / video storage (or even original quality if you have a Pixel), relieving the anxiety of seeing "low storage" warnings.

Photos is now the only gallery application on many phones, which makes the visualization of media files stored locally and in the cloud perfect. It also makes sharing images / folders much easier. Some of our favorite features of the service include facial grouping, identification of objects for search, identification / grouping of dogs and cats and, of course, unlimited backup. However, if we had to request something, it would be great to have a separate folder for screenshots.

Here we hope Photos will have many more years of success and continue to improve.

  Google Photos
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