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General description Halo Wars Definitive Edition:

The definitive edition of Halo wars is a game of strategy in real time and also game of action . The Halo war is related to the series Halo . The game features intense combat and action. The game presents the science fiction universe while the story tries to fight and fight with enemies. This science fiction comprises in the year 2531 which is 21 years before the Halo event .

The game features the team of human soldiers fighting to stop an old giant ship before it falls into the enemy's hand. The game focuses on a military action in which the player gives the command to the army. The use of Bird's eye and other resource management are also seen in the game. Like other games, Halo wars also consist of a series of challenges and tasks . The buttons are used to select units when a button is pressed, a single unit is selected, while pressing the button twice selects a multiple unit. The game also contains campaign game mode, that will allow you to play with other players. The skirmish mode of the game allows the multiplayer player to fight against enemies, who are opponents controlled by humans or by computer.

Halo wars contains two factions. The first faction is the United Nations Space Command that the player can control as Captain, Sergeant and like any other unit. The second faction is alien Covenant. Each faction has its own unit and special abilities to fight . The fight against the enemies, the improvement of the powers and the gradation of the leaders and the use of resources and relevant vehicles take the game to another level of action and adventure. Free download of Halo Wars Definitive Edition.

Free Download Halo Wars Definitive Edition:

  • Strategy Game.
  • includes combat.
  • Halo Contain Event.
  • Campaign mode.
  • Many tasks. [19659013] Screenshots

    System requirements

    1 :: Operating system :: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit processor)
    2 :: Processor: Intel Core I3 or equivalent
    3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
    4 :: DirectX: Version 11
    5 :: Graphics :: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M / AMD Radeon R5 M240
    6 :: Storage space :: 12 GB of space

    How to install this game Watch here

    Deactivate Your antivirus before installing any game

    1 :: Download game
    2 :: Extract Game
    3 :: Mount the ISO file
    4 :: Install the game
    5 :: Copy files from the Codex folder and paste them into the installed game folder
    6 :: Launch of The Game As Administrator
    7 :: Have fun

    To install the hotfix, install the hotfix and then copy the files from the Hotfix Codex folder and paste them into the installed game folder.



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