GUNSHIP’s synthwave sound is rooted in ‘80s cyberpunk nostalgia

A couple of years ago, the British electronic band GUNSHIP released their self-titled debut album, along with a video target for their main single, "Tech Noir", which expressed their love for the 1980s and the VHS era best selling videos The band has just announced their second album Dark All Day and retains that same nostalgic feeling that has fueled stories like Ready Player One and Stranger Things.

The band has been busy lately. Last year, he released a song on an accompanying EP for a documentary on the 80's retro synthesizer, The Rise of the Synths called "Vale of Shadows", that the band described as his tribute to Netflix Stranger Things . Earlier this spring, the band released a single called "Art3mis & Parzival", its interpretation of the novel by Ernest Cline Ready Player One . Dark All Day scheduled for release in October, will wink at other geek stories: Richard K. Morgan, the author of Altered Carbon (the basis of the Netflix series), lends his voice to the song "Woken Furies" (the title of one of his books), while the other songs are a nostalgic look at cyberpunk with songs like "Cyber ​​City" and "Drone Racing League". There is even a version of Cyndi Lauper's song 1983 "Time After Time".

The co-founder of the band Alex Westaway, said The Verge that nostalgia was a great inspiration for the group, but instead of recreating the past, they used it "more as a tone on the palate of sound, instead of trying to make music that sounds like it's from the 80's "

Westaway observes that the band came together as a side project between him and Dan Haigh. For two years, the duo wrote several songs and refined their sound, recruiting a childhood friend, Alex Gingell, to record the drums. From the beginning, they realized that the combination of tracks without radio and without live performances meant that they would have to rely on their videos to get any kind of attention. "We put a lot of time and effort into the videos, which I think has been the key reason for our success so far," explains Westaway, while Haigh added that the video for the song "Dark All Day" "probably he took over a year from the beginning of the idea to its completion. "

The videos of the band feel like setbacks from the decade of movies like Terminator 2 ET The Last Starfighter, or Blade Runner often using clips from movies or animations of the time. Videos are part of their appeal, rather than a complement to their music. "Along the way, we had to discover how to create anime with a small budget and how to return one of the heroes of the children's film to the screen." Add.

The sound of the band can best be described as synthwave. They say they are a "retro futuristic assault of a Neo 80" on their Facebook page. Haigh told The Verge that he came from a rock and metal background and was a relative newcomer to synthesizers, but once he discovered them, he compared the experience with "being one of those ridiculously huge packages" felt "feathers: suddenly [there were] so many more colors." He goes on to say that the 1980s have a special inspiration for them, since "it was an extremely creative period for the cinema: some of the best soundtracks came from that "and the early use of analog synthesizers played a large part."

Gingell noted that they saw a series of parallels between his approach and that of Ernest Cline Ready Player One . "You really have the feeling that what you're doing is rooted in a deep and deep love for culture and popular art, and it certainly is for us."

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