Google will lose $50 million or more in 2018 from Fortnite bypassing the Play Store

When Fortnite Battle Royale was launched on Android, it made an unusual decision: it overlooked Google Play in favor of offering the game directly from the Epic Games website itself. Most applications and games do not have the luxury of making this choice: Google's integrated distribution Playback offers are critical to your business. But Epic Games believes that their game is popular enough and has an appeal strong enough to take players to your website to download Android instead. In the process, is costing Google around $ 50 million this year in platform rates, according to a new report.

As of its Android release date, Fortnite had raised more than $ 180 million on iOS devices, where it had been exclusively available since launch as a guest-only beta version on March 15, before expanding to all App Store customers.

According to data from the intelligence firm of the Sensor Tower application store, the game has won Apple more than $ 54 million thanks to its 30 percent reduction of all the spending on applications that takes place in distributed applications in your store.

That's money Epic Games is apparently not willing to give up on Google, when there is another way.

Unlike Apple, which only allows applications to be downloaded from their own store, the Google platform is more open. There is a way to adjust the settings of an Android device to download applications and games from anywhere on the web. Of course, by doing so, users are exposed to more security risks, malware infections and other malicious attacks.

For those reasons, security researchers say the decision of Epic Games sets a dangerous precedent by encouraging people to eliminate the default security protections of their devices. They are also concerned that users searching for the game on Google Play may be tricked into downloading suspicious applications that may be trying to take advantage of Fortnite's absence to scam mobile users.

Google also seems to be worried about that. .

For the first time, the company informs Google Play users that a game is not available for download.

Now, when users search for things like "Fortnite" or "Fortnite Battle Royale," Google Play will respond that the app "is not available on Google Play." (One has to wonder if Google's misspelling of "Royale" as "Royal" in its message was a little eff u to the creators of games, or just a bit of incompetence.) [19659003] In any case, it is an unusual response from Google, and one that can be said to be credible was made to serve users and protect them from any potential scam applications.

However, the message could lead to some pressure on the epic games, too. It could encourage consumer complaints from those who wish to download the game more easily (or more securely), as well as from those who do not understand that there is an alternative method or who are confused about how that method works.

In addition, Google is also publishing the very popular PUBG Mobile at the top of the Fortnite search results followed by other games. By doing so, you are sending users to another game that can easily consume the time and attention of users.

For Google, the Epic Games move is probably worrisome, as it could make other big games do the same. While a strange move from Epic Games will not be a decisive situation for the revenue of Google Play (which is always lower than iOS), if it became the norm, Google's losses could increase.

Currently, Google is losing millions that will now go directly to the game's publisher.

For the remainder of 2018, Sensor Tower believes that Fortnite will have earned at least $ 50 million in revenue that would otherwise have been paid to Google.

The firm expects that when Fortnite is applied to all supported Android devices, its launch revenue on the platform will look a lot like the first months of spending by Apple App Store players.

You can even overcome given the popularity of the game continues to grow and the independent download allows you to reach players in countries where Google Play is not available.

Meanwhile, there have been concerns that the download makes it more difficult for users with previous Android devices to access the site, because the process of downloading applications is not so simple. But Sensor Tower says that this will not have an impact large enough to affect Fortnite's long-term revenue potential.

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