Google Search celebrates 20 years with Street View tour of 1998 garage office

Google was incorporated on September 4, 1998, but the company always celebrated its birthday on September 27 for more than a decade. Today marks 20 years of Google search with several interactive features: there is a video that highlights popular searches over the years, a time capsule for searching for Easter eggs, a tour of the street from the original garage in which he founded the company and, finally, a redesign of the Google Images desktop.

Although the video doodle is cute and direct, there are many gems hidden inside the Menlo Park garage by Susan Wojcicki, where Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the first Google office. You can click to take a virtual tour of the entire house, which has been meticulously recreated to look like in 1998. There are a lot of gadgets from the 90s scattered everywhere, and be sure to open the secret door and turn on the light of Neon to find more Google objects.

Google world headquarters.

Easter eggs continue in the search bar, where queries from the early days of the Internet present mild suggestions for more modern phrases. For example, if you are looking for "how to tell someone you like", you will get a message that says: "It's 2018! Do you mean: slide to the right?" Here is a complete list of all the retro terms you can look for and its modern equivalents.

Google Search Easter Eggs

Search term It's 2018! Did you mean
Search term It's 2018! Did you mean
mp3 file listen to music
watch a dvd transmission subscription
googol Google
gettin & # 39; jiggy with it dental floss
] page me new phone, what dis?
butterfly clip styles top knot
world soccer champions 1998 world soccer champions 2018
chat room send a text message to the group
how to tell someone like you slides right
low pilot trousers how stylish high-waisted pants
digital mascot toddler
baby baby
143 [19659012] ILYSM
What is Y2K? How does the cryptocurrency work?
Screen Name Social ID
Image Gallery GIF
Keep It Real Get It 100 [19659045] To match your birthdate, Google also introduced a redesigned Google experience Images on the desktop, which was part of Monday's big announcement of bringing a news feed to your mobile home page A new ranking algorithm for image search will show more relevant content for what you're looking for, and the images will include more context and information about the page where it comes from.

There's a lot to play today. If you want to dive even more, you can read Google's blog post by chronicling its most notable scribbles so far, or play with this interactive tool that shows a brief overview of our search trends over the years. To get a complete history of the most important moments of the search giant over the last 20 years, read our chronology of how Google's search engine reformed the world.

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