Google Play Games v5.10 adds search and allows disabling autoplay videos, prepares dark mode, and more [APK Teardown]

Google Play Games does not get much attention these days, but that does not mean there have not been some changes. We are gathering everything that is different in the latest versions, as well as touching some new things that will come in the future.


Unofficial change log: (the things we found)

  • Added: Configuration to disable automatic playback videos
  • Added: Search
  • Removed: Configuration to disable Search and request notifications (v5.9)
  • Added: Serpent (v5.8)
  • Added: YouTube links below the games on the carousel (v5.8)
  • Modified: white navigation bar (v5.8)

Configuration changes, including automatic playback videos

Left: v5.8. Center: v5.9. Right: v5.10.

Each of the recent releases to the Games has included at least one change in the Settings screen, but most of them have not been particularly significant.

In the move from v5.8 to v5.9, Google removed the options to enable or disable the mission and request notifications. This change was actually expected as both functions were withdrawn earlier in March.

With the latest version, we are now winning a new toggle to control whether the videos can be played automatically. This setting determines whether frames of the size of a thumbnail in the Arcade tab will be animated to show the game. This is a good addition, the animated pictures were a bit manic.


It may not be highlighted among all the other larger buttons, but there is a new search button at the top of the main screen. Touching it shows a list of trend games, but you can start typing for suggestions, then press the search button on the keyboard to see the full list with animated videos.

New game: Snake (v5.8)

The list of built-in games has grown to four. Snake, one of the true classic games of the era of dumb phones, joins Solitaire, Cricket and PAC-MAN.

The navigation bar turns white (v5.8)

Left: v5.7. Right: v5.8.

There was also a change of palette from v5.7 to v5.8 since the recently added tabbed bar at the bottom moved to a white background.

on the one hand, the green background was a bit uncomfortable and not very attractive; but, on the other hand, the tabs for My Games and Arcade now seem to be suspended in empty space, just like the Library indicator above them. Maybe it's time to place the Library as a middle tab so that everything looks a little more uniform.

YouTube links for some games (v5.8)

One last addition came in v5.8 that adds a link to a YouTube video for games on its carousel. The videos seem to be chosen at random, but they always seem to include images of the game. Not all games will have links to videos.


Disclaimer: Dismantlements are based on evidence found within the apk (Android application package) and are necessarily speculative and are generally based on incomplete information. It is possible that the assumptions made here are erroneous or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it has been officially announced and published.

The features described below are probably not yet live, or can only be live for a small percentage of users. Unless stated otherwise, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are real unless otherwise indicated, and images are only modified to delete personal information.

Dark theme

It seems that we are getting closer and closer to the era of darkness. Several different Google apps have shown signs of upcoming dark modes, and now we can add Play Games to that illustrious list. Tags have been added for a new dark theme that would flay Play Games, so it will not be as blinding in dark settings.

<string name = " games_settings_dark_theme_title "> Dark theme [19659030] <string name = " games_settings_dark_theme_subtitle "> Enable dark theme throughout the application

The description indicates that the entire application will adopt the dark color scheme, but it is not exactly clear about the small banner that appears in the games when they register or when you gain a level. These floating dialogues may not be very large, but they can be quite overwhelming on a dark background.

XP Progress

Not so important, but Google technically revealed some of the statistics on the current division of players based on their levels. New chains have been added to receive comments each time a level is won.

For the first levels, you'll simply get some encouraging words to keep playing, and vaguely say that more than 50% of the players have reached level 5. When you reach level 9, the phrasing becomes more specific since it states that 25% of players have a level 10 or higher. From here, each level includes quite specific percentages.

<string name = " games__profile__xp_blurb_level_1 "> Let's start! Earn achievements to level up.
<string name = " games__profile__xp_blurb_level_2 "> Good job, you've earned your first 1,000 XP!
<string name = " games__profile__xp_blurb_level_3 "> Each achievement is a step towards leveling.
<string name = " games__profile__xp_blurb_level_4 "> More than half of all players are above level 5! Keep playing to level up!
<string name = " games__profile__xp_blurb_level_5

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